Find a job in Albania


You are an expat living in Albania? Please share your experience!

What is the best way to find a job in Albania?

The Internet? Please tell us which are the most useful / effective websites for job seekers in Albania.

Recruitment agencies? Have you got their contact?

Newspapers? Which ones?


Thanks in advance for your participation

Any IT-folks here?

hey, I'm currently still a medical student in ukraine,a malaysian, seeking for information regarding working as a doctor in albania. i need to know the possibility to work there and what's required. Please provide the official government website too if possible.

Your help will be GREATLY appreciated!!

I am now reoriented to Turkey. Europe is starving... And Turkey is hot enough.

What malaysians do in ukraine??

And anyway there are more work in Ukraine or in Malay then in Albania. And medicine is very hi developing now in Germany, so may be it's better to start to learn german?

Sorry for offtop.

I've been to albania and i really like the place and would love it if i can settle down there. Besides albania is in need for health care professionals now. i might find a good work place there.

Yeah maybe. So, good luck to you !

I was born and raise in Albania, and I was see some good and bad comments,Albania is just like other countries around the around the world,is as beautiful as her neighbor countries!

iam arabic women live in albania search for job i finish university in egypt accounting i speak english very well and arabic

Hello eldor budo and welcome to! :)

Could you please post an advert in the Jobs in Albania section?

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