Vocalist in search of like-minded musicians


I've been living in Budapest for 2 months, originally from England.

I'm looking for like-minded musicians (guitarists, keyboardists, drummer, techie etc.) with interests in independent, experimental, electro pop, to start some kind of project with. For me, melody and experimentation are key. Fans of Xiu Xiu, Bjork, Radiohead, Dirty Projectors, Tearist, Autechre that kind of stuff, would be good. I've been singing since I was young and have limited keyboard skills. Primarily, I'm interested in poetry, lyricism, narrative. Get in touch if you think this could work.


Hi Tom,
I just read your message and see that it was quite a while ago..anyway: are you still in Budapest and found some musicians? Me too I would like to play some music. I m a vocalist and play the flute. Please let me know in case you are still here and interested.
Szia! :-)

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