Blood test for work permit

Hi everybody! What medical exams need to be passed for working visa? Blood test on what?

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Hi everybody! What medical exams need to be passed for working visa? Blood test on what?

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So how can i get info about blood test in some coutries i wish to work in? I must every time ask same question but in differet style? I think it will take so much time from me. Better to copy..

Those who are working under the status of Foreign Worker have to "Conduct medical examinations at FOMEMA registered clinics / health centres to obtain a clean bill of health"

This flow chart shows what kind of medical checks are conducted:

In Malaysia, only nationals from the following countries are eligible to work under this type of employment:

Philippines (male only)
Sri Lanka

Foreigners who are working under an employment pass (i.e. they have a salary of not less than RM 5k per month) are not subject to immigration medicals, but health requirements of the companies for which they work.

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But excuse me, could u tell what a difference between employees from countries u've mentioned first and forigners working under an employment pass? Did i understand right these workers ( last ones) have better conditions and salaries?

An employment pass is given for highly skilled professionals in their field who are undertaking decision-making roles at some level. They have to satisfy immigration they have the appropriate background and experience, and the company has to prove they could not find a Malaysian to carry out the job.  The minimum salary is RM5k per month to qualify for that kind of immigration status, but in most cases the salaries are considerably higher. Foreign workers are engaged in roles where they are providing labour, as you can see from the list of the types of job they perform.

There is no control over the salaries that foreign workers receive and indeed some skilled construction workers are probably paid something close to the RM5k or more. People working in other jobs like bars or restaurants can expect to earn about RM1,500 per month or a little less as those salaries seem to be going down lately. The minimum wage in Malaysia is circa RM950 per month on Peninsular Malaysia and less in East Malaysia. However, the different types of immigration processing also have different rules: e.g. a foreign worker cannot bring family members to live with them in Malaysia and cannot marry Malaysian citizens while they are working here.

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Hello everyone what if im positive in hiv can i get a working visap


Is blood test for work visa in general workers in service sector for Malaysia occur  before or after calling letter??

How much time it takes for calling letter to receive for Malaysia work visa in general worker in service sector ?

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