Playing basketball in Cairo

hey iam living in egypt cairo i didnt play basket before but i saw a match in youtube and it was awesome so i wanted to play but cant find a place or anyone can anyone tell me where can i find a place to play and find people to play with not pro i want like me :D btw iam 14 years just saying

Hello, are you guys still playing basketball at Cairo University? If so, I would love to play as well whenever possible. Any cell numbers I could reach you all at?

I'm 23 and a solid player (I think).


There is group of players play more matches in Sheraton  youth club

im into soccer

I just got to egypt from Cali. I love right by the pyramids and would love to play some basketball.  If playing with a group is difficult are there place where I can shoot some hoops. If anyone wants to ball I'm willing to move around. Email me at kesaber[at]

Hi there...

Try this facebook link. I am sure you can connect with Baller's on here.


hello all,and sorry for not replying,had an accident and got a broken arm,trying to comeback any one playing softly plz tell thank you call and whatsapp

I'm looking for pick up basket ball near the zamalek/Gezira area. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated :-)


As far as I know, they play in Nasser City somewhere..but there is a facebook page :

You can try that


anyone know how to get in the teams cause i like to ball alot call e if you do ***

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Hi guys
      r u guys still playin' in masakin sheraton  cuz i'd love to join u next friday or Tuesday
thanx   :)

i'd like to join u playing basketball if u'll play soon just let me know plz thanx

I am a girl about 17 years old and i want so much to learn to play basketball..
I heard that i must be younger to learn ..
But i wanna find a place where i can start playing basketball.
If anyone has an information please reply..

Guys please a quick answer.

Hello guys, I'm a college basketball player. I'd like to join you for some pick up games

You can play in club in masaken Sheraton it is very good and very cheap

Are y’all still playing basketball? I’m an American looking to find a gym to play at.

curtis maybe we can make a date i have two other guys who can play means we an do 2 on two as i do not seem to see any real answers coming been looking too

Do you still play basketball if so would be really interested in joining you if possible. If you could get back to me ASAP with the detail it would help me a lot thanks

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