Family Reunion Visa - Questions prior to departing from PH?


My husband is a Filipino citizen currently in Germany (under EU Blue Card Visa) and was given a residence permit for 4 years. I was granted a Family Reunion Visa by German Embassy here in Singapore last April (I'm a Singapore PR). I am scheduled to fly to Munich this coming August to be with my husband. However, my exit will be from the Philippines and not from Singapore.

Have read a lot of negative feedback about PH immigration, like how they ask for unnecessary documents, etc...
Now my questions are:
1. Since I was issued a Family Reunion Visa, do I need to purchase a return ticket?
2. I read about CFO Sticker for those emigrant or immigrants, do I have to get this sticker also prior to my departure from the Philippines?
3. Aside from all the docs I've got during my Visa application, any other documents I need to prepare? 

Any comments would be much appreciated. Thanks! :)

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With a German family reunion visa, you can freely travel to and live in Germany throughout its validity. The German authorities will not interfere or ask questions.
If you expect problems from the Philippines authorities (I assume you have Philippino nationality?), then you may ask on the Philippines forum, not the German one. Or you can travel from Singapore directly, without stopping in the Phils.

Hello Muenchen. Hope ur doing well now in Germany. Well i and my wife are just starting if she’s granted the family reunion visa. I’m here now in Germany since June and my wife’s appointment to the German embassy in Singapore is in two days. Which is the reason why i’m interested to your question/thread. I’m interested to know bow long did u get the result of your family reunion visa in Singapore?after your appointment. Hope ur still there to share. Thanks!

Muenchen only posted once (in 2014) and has not been active on the forum since. You are unlikely to get a reply.
However, we were in the same situation once (many years ago) and the family reunion visa took three months to process. This is due to it being processed by the Auslaenderamt (foreigner office) of the town you intend to move to. Some of thee are faster than others, but currently (due to the refugee crisis and generally large numbers of foreigners arriving) they are often overworked and it can take much longer.

Thanks Beppi. My friend’s wife and child got their family reunion visa in 10days in malaysia valid for 6 months. The long wait is their visa card after their arrival and registration to rathaus in german city they live in. I hope anyways that i see same efficiency in Singapore. We’ll see.

You are dealing with the German embassy and German authorities in your husbands hometown - Singaporean efficiency has no influence on them (though I wish they'd learn from Singapore).
Yes, the processing time after you move to Germany is even longer - but since you're already there, it doesn't matter so much.

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