Staying in the Dominican

We are planning to go to Dominican in November 2014 for 3 months, I see its no problem to overstay my tourist visa and pay the overstay fee when we leave. I am told I have to have a return ticket or I'll be sent back is this true or can I buy a one way ticket and then overstay?
We are retiring and want to travel so our next destination is unknown till we spend our time there then go somewhere else for 3 months
Even if we bought return tickets for 3 months later wont they see this at the airport security when we arrive and only have a tourist visa good for 30 days?
Can someone help me with this and what to do about it or what they have done?
Thanks Joe

welcome to the forums. It does not matter when the return ticket is dated for or where you are going! It just matters you have one.  All airlines are supposed to check but some do not and not always. So get a return ticket to Miami or Puerto Rico and make sure it is changeable and or refundable and you will be fine.

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Bob K

Thanks for the info Bob K

You are welcome. Let us know if you need any other info.
Bob K

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