New English radio station in Mauritius

Hi there!

Just to let everyone know, there's a new English Radio station opening in Mauritius soon! 

We are going to be looking for staff, DJ's, newsreaders, etc, so if you are interested in getting involved in  any capacity, let me know, and we'll get together!

It's going to be a pop music / interesting feature type station, if you come from Johannesburg in South Africa, it's going to be similar to Highveld Stereo, just better!

Love to know what you think, any comments welcome!


Paul Freathy

Hi Paul,

Welcome to Mauritius. We will definately meet up.


Thanks Terence. Looking forward to it!

Looking forward to listening to an English radio station. Hell, although I don't have any experience in broadcasting I might join your staff so I can express myself in English. Anyways, welcome to Mauritius!
All the best,

Thanks Rick!  Much appreciated, hope you going to like what we have in mind!

Kindest regards


Great news - I so miss listening to the radio when I am driving - Hope you going to have a cool morning show - It used to be such a feature in my day when I was in working in Dubai! Looking forward to it and I wish you success while setting it up!!

thanks!  The morning show is going to be pretty special, can't tell you much right now other than I think you might like it!

I was involved in radio in the middle et too, so I know the kind of stuff you were listening to, some great stations there hey?

Thanks man, hope to see you at one of our parties/outside broadcasts, otherwise just pop by and say hi after we get going!



Hey I see you are from SA, me too, I was on 5fm as well as 702 and ECR. Going to have a similar sound to Highveld stereo.



Hope you got some nice rock lined up!!
esp t Seventies and Eighties bands aka Eagles,Beatles, floyd etc..
Would be perfect for an After dinner show!!
I've been here 3 months n waiting for a quality English music , English Anchored show!!
Hearty Welcome!!

Looking fwd to meeting ya!!
U shud join us on t Catamaran trip on the 18th!!

Musheer .... My all time faves ... Doobies, Eagles, Beatles, Floyd, And so on and so on!

Our shows are going to be very similar Highveld stereo in SA and capital 198 in London. Good music, good anchors, only talking when they have something to say, playing the latest, greatest and oldest music in existence, with a couple of special shows dedicated to the classic!

Going to be awesome! 

I am not there at the moment, I am in SA, pity cause I would love to have joined you on the 18th. Next time I hope!



Let us know wen u do land up here!!!!
Maybe i could do part time contribution, something in weekends mostly!!
Would love to b a part of this!!

I will!  Thanks!  We are looking for all sorts of people!  Weekends too!  Look forward to it!  Send me your email address!



I lived in Dubai for 10 years so saw a huge transition in the radio stations there over the time.  I loved Dubai 92, the Cat boy and Gordie bird show, a light hearted and fun way to start the day. Cant wait to see what you guys have lined up!!

Thanks, we are busy working on it at the moment, and will be searching for the DJ's soon.  I am going to do breakfast with a co-host, and am planning a fun filled show, great music, and good vibes all the time! 

I did breakfast in Seychelles for a while, as well as on other stations in SA, so at least we know I can wake up in time to get on air!

Thats a damn good start!  LOL!

Hi Paul, well this is some of the best news we've heard in a long time. Have been here from Jhb for a year and a half now, audio steaming to Highveld when at home but fed up playing CD's when out in the car as it's usually the same one (keep forgetting to change it!).
As much as I love the familiarity of the news flashes on Highveld it doesn't help with educating us that schools have suddenly closed due to cyclone winds! It would be really lovely if you were incorporating local news bulletins into your show.
If you're looking for a good Accountant drop me a line.

Good luck and regards, Kaybee

Hi Kaybee!

Thanks for the comments!  We are going to do our best, and YES we are going to have local input, and take phone calls from people and interview people, everything you would expect of a real radio station!

We're also going to have international news, REAL news, and are going to have correspondents all over the world that are going to call in with stories of home.

Obviously not everything will start when we go on air, it will be a slow build up, but its going to be like nothing before on the island!

See you soon!



Hi Paul,

I am sure you will rock in Mauritius. All the best to you again.


Thanks Terence. Hope we gonna get a lot of help from your daughter!

Enjoy your week!

Hi Paul,
Well done for this initiative. This was much needed in Mauritius. I am looking forward to listen to it when I'm over in November.

Thansk Sachin!

We look forward to haivng you listening too!




This sounds like its going to be great, you'll definitely be filling up a gap! Would love to hear some good oldies but definitely some of the great new music that's out there but not often played. not to mention some good chat radio! Good luck with it all!

Hello again,

Just wanted to check, are you still looking for people to be involved? If so, in what capacity and what sort of experience level do you have to have?

Thanks and have a great weekend!

Hi Stephanie!

Thanks for writing, we are looking for people in all types of positions!  Especially people to go on air!

Would you like to?

Tell me mroe about yourself, maybe we can meet!




Hi Paul,
Great initiative from you. At last!.I am not an expat but have been living in uk for few yrs. We desperately need something like this here. Especially for our young generation as a little english wont hurt from time to time. Considering the fact that we are a bilingual nation, but have the tendency to be more on the french side.

Anyway looking forward to hear from the new station soon.

Thanks everyone!  Thinkgs looking good for Island FM, the Station manager is here, and so is the breakfast DJ (thats cause its the same person!) so we are preparing to take ovcer the airwaves!

We hope to go live on 10/10/10!  Nice hey!  Please join us!

Was just wondering how the station was getting along at this point? It seems awhile since last posting here! Hope all is well!

Yes 2 years is a long time :))

So is there an English language radio station over here? I tried surfing those FM waves but didn't have much luck finding anything so far...

hi paul

it really great job sure we gonna enjoy it.I also want to participate and see how i can help.



This obviously never took off!!!!

Hello There

I sent you a message but just sending one here just in case.

I'd really like to get involved in this radio station, specifically being a DJ if that's possible. I am an online DJ for a gaming radio station and I would love to further this career if possible.

If I can't become a DJ, I'd still love to be involved!


Hi Sebastian,

The original posting about a radio station was over 2 years ago and obviously it never happened ;(

Hello there,

I know that this is an old post but I really am hoping to get a reply!

It's very sad that this didn't materialize - would've been great if it had.

I'd love to get in touch in the hopes of finding a job at a station in Mauritius. I have an honours degree in Radio Journalism and am currently working at 94.7 Highveld Stereo in Johannesburg. Are there any other English stations that I could get in touch with over there?

Kind regards,

I’m interested in the  position as a DJ  dated Nov 2013 my professional experience covers a vast field with working directly with people in diverse professional settings. I am seeking to leverage my experience in a customer service position one being an Presenter/Reporter.
Ideally this position will assist me to utilise the invaluable experience that I have gained throughout my career.

I am a well organised, pro-active person that when placed into situations will use my initiative and decision making skills. I have excellent communication and network skills and work tremendously under pressure.

I have attached my CV for your perusal. Realising the limitations of the written page, I would welcome the opportunity to participate in a personal interview to answer any of your questions and better present my experience.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

PS you can contact me on the folling email rontherese[at]

I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Yours Sincerely

Ronnie Therese

Are you still looking for DJ's in mauritius

HI Marcelle

Sorry ,but we don,t know each other,so I was wondring if you got a response fromm this ad

Looking forward to the opening of an english radio station in mauritius soon!

Hi Sweetum,

This thread is inactive for years now. I don't think you will get any update. It will be better if you participate on more recent threads of the Mauritius forum.

All the best,

I love writing and make my own music right here in Mauritius; although the majority of the time its of the hiphop genre... ... O_O ... 'Bhavna' has just ruined my enthusiasm above :(

Hi Srambaran,

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Go ahead  :)

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