visa requirements clarification (indian)

I am a single indian female who has been offered a job in brunei. My company has asked for documents in order to process my visa.  They mentioned to me that once I have completed my medical requirements from the nearest hospital (I live in bombay) I have to take my original document and all other relevant documents which they will provide me to the brunei embassy in india to process my entry visa to the country.
My query is now, is it necessary for me to take all the v documents and go to embassy, or is it the responsibility of the company to get this done?? As I would have to travel all the way down to new delhi in order to submit these documents. If someone could let me how this visa process works for indian nationals I woUldale be grateful.  Thanks

I also wish to know

I also want to know this topis ..!!

Guys you will have  to  go  to  new delhi to  get  your visa stamped on  your  passport once you  receive visa approval from  immigration department in  from brunei.  Once that is  done  take  your  original medical reports and your  passport and  submit the  documents at  brunei embassy in new delhi. Or  else you  can  do  it  via an agent

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