Degree certificate attestation in Saudi cultural centre in New Delhi

I have submitted my degree certifictae in Chennai on March 13 for attestation.I have not received it so far.
Please tell me  whether it is reasonable time delay or not

it is completely related to your agent postage service and university send verified letter back.
so try to get postage track number from your agent
and also try to get status from you university registrar office.

if this process has finished your visa will be endorsed  in 24 hours time.

good luck

i have already followed my university and sent back it to agent a month back, still i am waiting for Saudi cultural centre attestation. Is it acceptable delay?

There is less possibility of delay now.. May be your agent not submitted for endorsement ....
If it is after next week Ramdan period will start that time culture office works very limited time a day... In that case delay expected...

Contact your agent to finish it before Ramdan start

I submitted my documents for Saudi cultural attestation in June 2014 till now no letter received from culturals to my university ... Agent gave me d d no and date of d d as proof... Now I don't know if the delay is expected or there is some other reason

Most probably delay will be from the college side for certificate verification they will take around 2 months....

How did you know that the certificates were not received to college?????
Agent showing the DD's as proof means already certificated were couriered to your college...please verify in your college Examination section

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