Need help on Accommodation

We'll be visiting Colombia next month. We're open for suggestions on what are the best places to visit and explore there. We would like to experience what we've seen in these Colombia photos. We'll appreciate it too if you could suggest some good accommodations in the place. Thanks a lot guys!

Hi ! You should have a look at the Colombia classifieds > accommodation section.

Good luck!

Thanks a lot Christine.

Absolute Musts: Old city of Cartagena, Tayrona national park
Other Good bets: Cities: Medellin,Bogota,Santa Marta

Side trips: small historic towns such as Santa Fe and Jardin in Antioquia, and villages in Boyaca. Armenia and the eje cafetero (coffee growing area).

Inform yourself well about an area's safety before venturing through it. Flying is recommended way to travel between cities. Usually okay to travel by ground to villages that are near cities.

A lot of info can be found in Expat.coms, including my own: O Colombia

SOmeone posted that they were moving to the Caribbean side of Colombia and I wondered if there are significant Expat populations in that area? I am interested as I have been in Barichara and would prefer to be on the ocean... thanks