Which hospital for a 7month year old seriously sick baby?

I actually live in Denmark, but my son and his family live in Cambodia.
I have an acute problem, my granddaughter has been taken seriously ill and has undergone an operation internal invaganstion at the Kantha Bopha Hospital.Yesterday. She is 7months old.
The staff there were fantastic I hear from my son. But I am writing because I am trying to find out which hospital that you would use for your 7month year old if she was seriously sick? Because maybe by tomorrow he could move her.
I hope you have time to answer, with your suggustions . The Bristish Embassy are closed for the day, but I will try and call them tomorrow.
Best wishes
Jackie Conway

Sorry to hear about this. But the best medical is in Thailand. There is a hospital named Maria , the doctors are from Guangzhou... I am not sure but maybe someone can go there and ask about the situation.

Hi Jackie Conway,

In order to give much more importance to your questions here, i have created a new thread with your post on the Cambodia forum.

Hope that your granddaughter will feel better soon, be brave  :idontagree:

Thank you,



Wish her better soon.

If you talk about the hospital for kid in Cambodia, Kunthak Bopha is the best. But it will be the best choice if you can bring her to Thailand.


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