EB-5 visa

If you are a business person wanting to partner or start your own company here in USA think this is a great visa

EB-5 visa

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According to the US National Bureau of Economic Research a lot of US citizens face unemployment after the financial crisis of 20072008. So that many investors are not interested to start a new investment and not apply enterprise visa (EB-5 visa) from 2008 onwards. Recent immigration reforms increase this count from 10,000 to another 75,000 new enterprise visas.

The EB-5 Visa is an investment visa for commercial enterprise, who starting a new business with high investment in the United States. The Investors are eligible to get a green card US citizenship as well. The EB-5 dependents are also eligible to get conditional permanent residency for maximum two years. Resent new Obama Immigration reform proposals also helps obtaining another 75,000 new visa for EB-5 visa holders. The Investment holders must follow Immigration rules and regulations for obtaining EB-5 visa.

Requirements for the petitioner:

The investors must invest at least $500,000 in rural areas or one million US dollar (Capital investment) to start a new company in the USA. Create at least 10 new permanent jobs for the US citizen within two years. The job seekers are not included foreigners and investor's relatives or family members. Create either a direct or indirect jobs for the eligible US workers. The main purpose of thisEB-5 visa is to create new jobs in the USA and increase US economy gradually.

The investor must prove that capital investment and salary process must follow United States company standards and create jobs in a targeted employment area (TEA). The new enterprises must create employment in rural unemployment geographic areas. The rural areas are out of the city and have a population of 20,000 or more, of course such areas also under metropolitan areas.
The EB-5 applicant's spouse, children also eligible to apply permanent residency. The investors get conditional permanent residency when the investment resulting at least 10 full time jobs for a two year period. These jobs for US citizens and foreign job seekers, but not for investor's relatives.

The foreigners doesn't cross the 30% foreigner job seekers (according to the new laws). The applicant can also establish several branches in different locations which is either sole or a partnership. That total criteria must include in the EB-5 application before apply at the USCIS. This Enterprise program can create new jobs for US citizen and stimulates the economic growth as well.
Conclusion: The new immigration laws promote and simplify the immigration laws to obtain the EB5 Visa. Most of the work based visas shouldreply the USCIS by RFE, It's too annoy process. Apply now to start a new investment in the USA under the US Immigration Attorney guidance.

After Obama new immigration proposal,
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