Companies willing to hire foreigners and sponsor the work permit

Your nationality means you could be considered for a Foreign Worker visa and do what are referred to as unskilled jobs. This link explains … rkers.html

Jobs are often in the services sector which is broad and includes F&B etc. Those sort of jobs are often found by walk-in interviews or responding to advert shown outside the workplace.

It would be good to try online first at websites such as Jora and Jobstreet. Look to see if your language skills are required as well and check for "walk-in" to see what kind of jobs and experience are needed.

Orient yourself before just arriving in Malaysia and hoping to find work, because that way of doing things is almost always not a success.

Khasan you cant legally get a job while in Malaysia. If you get an offer you need to leave  Malaysia for the visa and being in Malaysia for a month prob will not work. In my experience if you are employable you can get a job before you arrive. You really need to be an expert and have a degree. From your post it suggests you dont meet either requirement. Your best bet is a company that needs you native language skills that has an office in Malaysia

Am Kenyan willing to relocate and work in  UK,I have done a professional course in accounting, CPA,can get a job,please advice.
Thank you

Hi well not very likely. Malaysia has a surplus of its own trained accountants. It isnt an in demand job. Only chance really is with a Kenyan company that has a branch in Malaysia that needs a Kenyan.

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