cost of high speed internet in Mauritius

what is the cost of high speed internet in Mauritius ? Which service providers are available ?

Did not know that there were such a thing as "high speed internet" in Mauritius ;) But I think Orange might be what you are looking for.

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the current fastest around the island is 4Meg DSL however orange has now started offering Fiber starting with a 10Meg link up to 30Meg links.
I am waiting for this to arrive in Tamarin
4Meg uncapped DSL with line rental is going to cost you around Rs3000
I can also add that the speeds are generally very decent and you get pretty close to your 4Meg link throughput internationally.

Check this. We make good experience with them.

Bharat Telecom Ltd (BTL) is a public limited company incorporated in August 2010 and listed on the Development & Enterprise Market (DEM) of the Stock Exchange of Mauritius (SEM) since July 2012.

BTL is first industry-player to provide FTTH (Fibre to the Home) service to Mauritian households. Amongst other services IPTV and High Speed Broadband Internet will be introduced on this platform by the company.

BTL has the vision to connect every home and office in the country with a fibre network.

I am waiting for 10meg lines so I can move my company over to MU.

All our software works on Internet.

Hey Pierre, 10 meg is here possible. (A little bit depent from the location).

If you want to talk about the options you are free to phone me under 00230 5792 1733.

Sounds Good.

Im looking north west ? Trou au Biche or Grand Bay.

Ill call in the week

Depends on where on the island you are; orange and Emtel are the two real choices in my opinion.

Orange has some unlimited offers but they choke the speeds.

Emtels offers are limited, they have 5,10,20,30,50gb packages but offer better speeds.

Some areas like Port Louis, Cybercity, Sodnac, The can get 4G on an LTE enabled handset, I've seen speedtests of 20-30mbps...

Businesses can get dedicated bandwidth which cost a lot.

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Something I see not mentioned since I'm on the IT space. Uplink speeds are very slow so don't host your servers here.
The broadband speeds are capped at 50Gb, 100Gb and 150Gb for 10, 20 and 30 Mbps downlink. I finished my 50Gb in one day.

So my servers are on linode and i use my net for TV; however I went for uncapped 10Mbps which is the most expensive, slightly less than 3000 rs per month.

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