Merhaba :)

I'm living in Izmir since 5 months now, and love it. There were many obstacles I had to over come but slowly I have. Not speaking the language is my main problem, but inshallah I will learn.
Any tips would be appreciated, I still can't manage to get cable tv.. Not sure why but as they say always "wait" so I'm waiting :)
Any other expat females in the area want to get together feel free to message me, sometimes I miss to hear my native language :)

I might sound too much phylo-american, but trust me...don't feel too much depressed for the language and too frustrated if they don't understand you.
I am a chef and I realized how much they are loosing as tourism. ..and money for not speaking English...or at least french or spanish.
I speak as an italian person and I see the same catastrophic situation as in italy of a place which could get much more from itself and for itself if only they understand the world has changed after it has become global.
Ps: good luck for ur cable tv;)

:D thank you, and I totally agree, much could be gained by inter gratingire English. In any case I want to learn Turkish, and over time I can accomplish.
And thanks fir the good luck... Took nearly 3 months to finally get my wifi on so I can use it ;)

Hi dear,
Sorry if I'm not contacting you for lessons in french....I was wondering if we can cooperate and u could maybe let me work with lessons in english and in italian. I'm a teacher by title in both the subjects ( a part from other stuff like guitar...fine arts etc). I could contact u if they ask me about french

Wait, who is French?! I'm afraid I do not "parlez-vous français" either :D just English.

Hi Sajiincigli,

Welcome to :)

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:cheers:  hi! how are you? my name is Melike. I just arrived to Izmir from Istanbul... And i will move to Victoria, bc, canada in august... I don't have many friends in here, so i am available to meet anyone to spend some great time..

hi guys
my name is gürol and im from izmir born and raised. if you guys need help on anything just feel free to contact with me :) i would like to have some foreign friends around here

hahaha :D

What's going on?

Salem Brother,

My name is Khuram and I'm looking for some help and advice, me and my family with 4 children want to move to your beutiful country in particular Izmir, we are not sure which is a good area and looking for a good area with shopping centres and schools close by, we also want to rent a villa not apartment with a swimming pool, I need help please any advice will be much appreciated. I want to live in a good area where my children can grow up making friends and so we can also, local estate agent details would also be greatly appreciated.

Thanking you in advanced



Please would you recommend some good areas to live in Izmir, we are looking to move there from the UK with 4 children, need a residential area with families close to schools and shopping centres and markets, we want to live in a villa.

Thanking you in advanced


Hi guys I am living in Izmir and looking for friends .let me know if anybody wants to share travel experience and cultural views.

I'll be happy to meet you when I get to Izmir. I've been to India several times and have always enjoyed the people and the place.
I was in Istanbul for most of three months this year and decided to move my base to Izmir. Now it seems there are diplomatic problems that eliminate Americans use of
I recently read that visas are available to Americans at the airport if they have stopped over for at least one day in Europe. Meaning that the visa ban only really applies to those coming on direct flights from the USA.
This may be out of your field but are you aware of this possibility?
Hope to meet you soon.

hello shall be in denzili, for few weeks,
looking to have friends to hangout.

My husband and I are looking to move to Izmir next year and start a family.

We currently spend half our time in Istanbul where we work, and half in Kent.

Since we will still need to commute to Istanbul 2 days / week, it would be good to be near airport or the new road. But being English, my main priority is lots of space and a garden... Any good areas someone can recommend?

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