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Halo mu name is Nikolay I live in Cyprus from 7 y. naw I want to work and live in Brazil.

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It would be nice if you can tell us more about yourself. Why have you chosen Brazil as destination? What qualifications do you have please?

In order to work in Brazil, i think that you need a work visa.Therefore,  i will advise you to get in touch with the Brazil Embassy in Cyprus.

To know more about Brazil itself, i  also encourage you to browse through the existing topics on the forum.

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It is extremely difficult for foreigners to find work in Brazil unless they are graduated with a degree in one of the STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) fields or have years of experience in a profession that is in demand in Brazil. Even then you're up against laws that require all employers to prove that they have exhausted all efforts to place a qualified Brazilian in any job vacancy before they can hire a foreigner to fill it.

You will also need to speak Portuguese quite well, it is essential here.

William James Woodward, EB Experts Team

Plz suggest me that what should a man can do for job's

Well if you're in Brazil you must have either a VITEM-V Work Visa, which requires that you already have been offered a work contract with a Brazilian company or you must have a VIPER Permanent Visa in order to obtain a work permit (Carteira de Trabalho e Previdência Social - CTPS) and you also need a CPF Number (Cadastro de Pessoas Fisicas) which is one's tax number like a Social Security Number.

Regarding finding work, it is still very difficult for anyone except skilled professionals because of laws here which demand placing Brazilians in job vacancies.

William James Woodward, EB Experts Team

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