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My husband and I are relocating to Madagascar in August. Our son is currently 3 months old. Where in Antananarivo is a baby shop that I will be able to purchase essential baby items i.e. a new cot and mattress, bulk nappies, formula etc.... (and do they by any chance have a online website?)

Thanking you in advance for any feedback.

Hello and welcome to Tana,

There are several baby shops in Tana, mostly scattered around town. 

The first shop you can try is Zazakely which is downtown on the hill in the Antaninarenina area near "Pharmacie Metropole" (on Ratsimilaho road, but nobody uses road names here).

Then there is another shop in the Analakely/Pavilion area (watch for pickpockets here) called "Itokiana". It has many reasonably priced clothes and baby accessories.

Beyond these two you can visit some of the Malls around Tana (Jumbo, La Cite, Tana Waterfront) and check out baby shops.

Formula can also be found in Pharmacies (such as Metropole) or supermarkets.



Hi! You won't have trouble finding that stuff here.. There are plenty of stores that offer a range of necessities and fun stuff... the hardest thing to find are books for children in English.  Those I usually have shipped from the states.  The best places to buy milk formula and diapers/wipes and baby foods are Jumbo and Shoprite. Depending on where you are going to be located ( I am in ivandry/Ankorondrano area) you will be able to find a store somewhat close to you. Toy stores are a dime a dozen, it is just a matter of finding the best deals as many items can be quite pricey since they are all imported... Mattresses you can order custom at Vitafoam in Ankorondrano (Tana) or you can buy them at many baby stores and even Jumbo I believe carries baby size mattresses. Cribs you can have built for you by local carpenters ( I had mine custom built for around $60) or you can pay a heft sum for the imported ikea type crib ensembles... I don't know if any of these stores have a website but LeaderPrice does, although it is a bit more expensive. The La City mall also has a variety of baby stores that carry these things, but again, you will pay quite a bit for what you find...
Good luck with everything and when you get here I wouldn't mind helping show you around to some of these places if you need any more help!


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