Daejeon or Ulsan?

Hi everyone!

I just got accepted into the EPIK program, but since I'm so late to the process my recruiter has advised me that it's going to be too competitive for me to get placed in my original destination of choice, Daegu. He's suggested that I list either Daejeon or Ulsan as my placement of preference in order to ensure I still get put in a bigger city rather than small town.

Any suggestions or advice? Any other cities I should look into? I like staying active (hiking, kayaking), and I love history! Scenic views are a must and opportunity for activity is really important to me. I do love being around water, but I'm also very open to other places if the general atmosphere is more appealing.

Thanks everyone :)

Congrats on getting a job Kimberly! Sounds like you're about to embark on an awesome adventure.

If you like outdoorsy activities and picturesque scenery, then you would likely actually NOT want to be located in a city of any kind, and the smaller the better as far as that goes. I live in Seoul and I do pretty much nothing on the weekends spare finding new and exciting ways of getting out of Seoul. Seoul is great for some expat-related resources like food and supplies, but that is not likely an option if you're gonna be doing EPIK.

Personally I would take Ulsan. It's right next to Busan; Korean's second biggest city. Also you're right on the coast, and will be able to enjoy the beach whenever you want. If you like Hiking and Kayaking Daejeon will offer some mountains and rivers nearby, but transport and facilities are unknown to me, and I'd reckon they'd be less foreigner friendly than those in Ulsan. If I had a job offer in Ulsan I'd take it in a second...

Contrats on getting a job and having plan to move on Korea!

I have same idea with liancourttalks!
Now I live in Ulsan but from Busan. In Ulsan, there is a big river through the city and I saw some people played Kayaking.
Here are big companies such as Hyundai Heavy Industry, Hyundai Motors and Hyundai Mipo Dock.
Most of clients of those companies are from other contries so here are really lots of foreingers in who are live in Ulsan.
And beautiful beaches and mountains are pretty close from the city.

Busan and Kyungju are very close from Ulsan.
Busan which is the second biggest city is far for an hour by car and has many things to enjoy.
Also, Kyunju is a traditional city so you can visit some historical places to let you know Korean history and culture.

Personally, I hope you relocate in Ulsan...

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