Proofs of Relationship for Fiancee Visa Application

Hello everyone! Is there anyone here who is generous to share and give some advice with regards to applying for Fiancee Visa? I am in the process of preparing all the things to show as our proofs of relationship. But I have problem because the chat logs are too many. I already consumed one rim of bond paper only for messages from Facebook and those e-mails and other messages from other communication apps like Viber and Skype are not yet included. I am hesitant because the embassy might not accept all of those and just turn into waste. Can you give me some tips about what style did you do for the proofs of relationship? I am looking forward to hear from anyone. Thank you so much!

I am here in Belgium with permanent resident status due to a relationship that developed while I lived in North America and he is Belgian.  We had to provide proof of when and how we first met, evidence that we had regular contact for at least 2 years such as chats, emails, texts, phone calls, etc.  We had to provide proof that we had spent a certain number of days together (I believe it was 45 days over several different visits but double check) so we provided plane tickets, hotel receipts, etc.  We provided pictures of us together from our visits and of our children playing together and family trips we had taken.  I was already here in Belgium and was given temporary status as they reviewed my application which took approximately 5 months.  In the end, it was granted without any issues.  Now 2.5 years have passed and we have added another child to our family.  We are getting married and life is good.  Good luck.

Wow! Congratulations to you and to your family! Did you apply for what kind of visa? I am just thinking if it is okay to submit more than 500 pages in the embassy. I have printed all of our proofs of communication. So how many pages did you submit in the embassy? Best wishes to your upcoming wedding! :)

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