I have issue with sponsorship transfer

I want to transfer my sponsorship from kafeel to company,but I can't.My sponsor is not ready to give me the transfer.He is playing this game with me from last 6 to 8 months.In the begining of the new labour law I requested him and he denoyed.Due to this reason I visit on vacation to my country Pakistan and now after 6 months I returned.I visited him again and he didnt meet me.He had an office maktab where an Egyptian guy serving.He told my kafeel about me and he replied your kafeel says keep or Iqama and passport and give it to me.I am amazed if this is an Islamic country and how my kafeel and his serving in maktab treating me from last 8 months even a non Muslim will not act like this.My kafeel want me to pay him more money for transferring sponsorship.That is what the reason can be,but I can't believe him if a pay him money.He can eat my money and later can reject my sponsorship transfer.I need serious help .I want if there is any solution and any body who worries of ALLAH can help me.I want some one help me my transfer without the approval of my kafeel and can handle this situation.I am leaving my cell number here.
Thank you.

So Sorry to hear what happened to you, Once my company driver faced same problem. When the driver paid 5000 SAR to return his passport and give him transfer. The kafeel dissapeared with passport and never showed up. So then my driver had to spend another 4000-5000 for new passport and some money to agent to get his transfer done. Before last year things were being done even if Kafeel agree or not. But for recent situation am not so sure, but you can try to check with some agents who can do these things. So rather spenging money on some cheaters who might disappear, you can get things done through some agents. But remember you would only pay once your work is one. Good Luck My friend. Take care Be Safe.

I agree with Suribhai. Good luck


Do not worry, please contact me through my mail, let us  see where you stand legally and let us see what can be done.

Fortunately we have a lot of senior members of Saudi Forum who could help. There are good and bad people in Muslims and non-muslims so please let us not confuse it with the real issue.

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