Cost of living in Ukraine

Hey spdmon!
If you are paying attention, I see you have language skills.  How did you learn your skills?  Is there a course or system that works better then others?  Did you just jump into the society/country and learn that way?  I would like to know please.  Thank you.

I grew up learning both Spanish and Japanese. I learned the other languages in the Marine Corps and working in the State Department. I taught myself Russian. Ukrainian, since I live in Ukraine, I just learned. It wasn't that difficult because I live in the city and many people speak English so that was  big plus. Good luck in your endeavors

Thank you!
Now I find that pretty incredible.  Maybe I am just lazy but your being able to pick up more then just one language without taking courses is pretty good.  I can see how just immersing yourself in a culture can help you pick up a language.  Kind of like swimming I guess.  You learn by just getting out there and practicing until it works.  I still live in the states and when I travel I notice that I start picking out words and then find out what they mean.  Is that about how you learn too?

Hello Maria!
Wow!  You are very attractive.  I see you now live in Singapore and work in fashion.  Are you a model?  I would enjoy hearing more about your life.  Interesting that you went from the Ukraine to living and working in Singapore.  I am curious as to your preference for teaching Russian personally rather then in any professional sense.  You being an intelligent, beautiful and confident woman I think I can see how your teaching skills would be more effective on a one to one basis.  May I assume that you prefer to do your "teaching" with men?  If I were interested in living in Singapore I would like to meet you.  Do you return to your family and friends in the Ukraine periodically?  Where in the Ukraine was your home please?

Maria, thank you for your reply.
So you do not consider your self a professional model.  Are you hired by an agency to do your modeling?  I hear that depending upon where you live the cost of living can be very low in South East Asia.  Is this true living in Singapore?
You assist people you know in learning English.  I would suppose that you also would teach Russian as well?
What do you enjoy about living in Singapore?  Do you have plans to live and work there long term?  Have you ever been married?  Do you have a boyfriend?  What are your goals, your desires?  Do you have education or work experience in other career fields?

Maria, what keeps you there?  You are an attractive woman, there must be more to your life then living in such a place.  Do you have friends there?  What are your goals, your ambitions?

Ha! Ha! Well you are one of the prettiest cockroaches at least!  I am curious though as to why you chose Singapore rather then the rest of the world.  Where have you been so far in your life?  How tall are you?  I am not sure but are you taller then the local girls there in Singapore?  That why they like you?

maria how will you say life is for foriegn students in singapore as compared to to foreign students in ukraine?? can one school and work in Singapore as a foreigner??

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