Kafeel is not making iqama after expiry of visa

I am a telecomm.enr, however i came here at driver visa, my kafeel promised me to change my visa to and profession to engineer.
but its been six month and he has not yet made my iqama, also no sallary is provided by me.
what is the possible solution for this. I have my passport with me.
can i make the transfer without the involvement of my kafeel.

dear 1st off driver watch man maid labor visa never change into any other profession that's the law in Saudi Arabia  no never u just go to maktab e amal and report there they will assist u but remember don't go to police' or never sign any documents from your kafeel dont go to court or layer just visit makteb e amal that is the labor office they can make your kafeel pay u and may can transfer ur iqama but u cannot change ur profession and remember as a brother advice to pay any money for changing ur profession or transfer ur iqama it is scam. maktb e amal is government office and it runs by gulf country members and human rights it is free and they r strong then any kafeel ok just go there as soon as possible but don't tell any one because if ur kafeel know may he call the police then u have problem ok

How much tike tqkes maqtabool amal in this process

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