want to marry a brazilian girl in brazil

Need Your Sincere Help and advice,
I am an indian boy working in uae and have a work permit i am an sincere love with an brazilian girl and she loves me too, I want to marry her but she has an conditions i need to visit brazil and marry her, I am not so rich but can manage things and can give her a good life, now i need detailed information how can i go in brazil and marry here in a short span, What all documents is required for me and for the girl, how can i apply online from uae in brazil, what are all the possibilites please guide me it will be great help, can i go on tourist visa and marry her , please tell me all detailesd possibilities sir.mail me on [email protected]

If you read the following topic it has all the information you need. You will need to have a VITUR Tourist Visa which will allow you to stay at least 90 days (if you can apply for a 90 extension here, even better) since the process of getting married takes at the very least a month for foreigners. You should also make sure that you have ALL the documents ready BEFORE coming to Brazil and get the ones that require sworn translation translated by a (tradutor juramentado) here in Brazil as soon as you arrive.


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what all documents i need to carry with me and what are the chances if i email or corier my documents and the girl staying in brazil can apply for marriage in court and i can bring all documents with me , please guide me all documents needed so that i can start arranging right now, seriously your help will be appreciated because its a matter of our life

All the documents are listed in the posting that was linked to my first reply.

How about if the girl from philippines but she staying here in brazil for more than 6 years ago till now. But the guy from india he want to come to brazil too marry that girl what he needed sir ...


From my understanding, foreigners can't marry other foreigners in Brazil.

The only options are:

Brazilian + Foreigner


Brazilian + Brazilian

If the girl from the Philippines already has Permanent Resident Status (a VIPER Permanent Visa) in Brazil then you can marry here just as you would with a Brazilian citizen. The process is exactly the same, documents are all the same, except that she would also need to provide all the same documents as any foreigner. Other than that there is no problem. Once married you'd apply for your VIPER Permanent Visa based on marriage to a permanent resident.

If you were to apply for a VIPER based on marriage to a Brazilian citizen, that carries with it the automatic right to remain in Brazil and to obtain a work permit. I DO NOT KNOW if that would be the case with marrying a foreign national with Permanent Resident Status however.  It's quite likely that you would be able to remain in Brazil with the visa application is being processed, but that you would not be able to apply for the work permit (Carteira de Trabalho) until such time as the visa was actually granted (just like happens in a "Stable Union" VIPER application).

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i am an indian boy working in uae and the girl lives in brazil i want her to come here and marry me in uae what documents she need to carry along with her and i want to register the marriage in indian constitution so what are all the rules documents required by both of us please give us a detailed information so that i can explain my future spouse.

Sorry, I can't tell you anything about how to get married in the UAE and then register it in India, I only could give you information about getting married in Brazil. You'll have to check on the UAE Forum see if anybody there can help you.

United Arab Emirates Forum

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What if a Czech woman from Malaysia and living in Mali wants to marry her father's Georgian banker who lives in Nepal and is from New Zealand?

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Hi sir,
I'm Vishal. I live in India and my girlfriend lives in Brazil.  We dated online many time .. And she wants to marry me and I also want marry her.. But she want I marry with her in Brazil so now how I marry with her in Brazil?? And how I get citizenship in Brazil ?? .. Help me to this

Yours faithfully ..

Hi Vishal,

Not easy for citizens from India or Pakistan because visa requirements are going to be about 100 times more difficult than if you were from most other countries. So your first obstacle will be to obtain a VITUR Tourist Visa that will allow you to visit Brazil for at least 90 days, with the possibility to extend for 90 more. If you can't get a 90 day visa you're really not going to succeed in getting married here.

Regarding the process of marriage and applying for permanent residency read the following topic:


See the website of the Consulado-Geral do Brasil in Mumbai for information about requirements to obtain a VITUR Tourist Visa.


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Oie James,
I've been keeping up with your post and it has helped alot. I am an American citizen planning to marry a Brazilian national in Lagarto Sergipe. I am currently divorced in the US to an american citizen also. Will i have to get this homologized at the Supreme Court in Brazil or does this process only pertain to someone being married to a Brazilian national before. I'm confused about the situation. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Cejames

Unfortunately Mr. James passed away in April, 2016. 

About your query I have given my reply to you in a separate thread along with that another thing that you can do is to cross confirm the details with the respective Brazilian consulate / embassy which might be located close to your town.

If we can be of any further help please do let us know



Hi james sir ,
I just want to know if Brazilian girl come to india and marry me in the embassy so after can i get a visa and go brazil ? Please suggest best way 😌

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Smartyseenu wrote:

Hi james sir ,
I just want to know if Brazilian girl come to india and marry me in the embassy so after can i get a visa and go brazil ? Please suggest best way 😌


James died some years ago, but we can still answer your question.

The Brazilian Embassy does not perform marriages for foreigners.   If you and your girlfriend marry in India under Indian law, and if the marriage does not violate Brazilian law (e.g., one party already legally married without a divorce, etc.), the Consular Section of the Embassy will consider registering your marriage, and allowing you to apply for a visa to Brazil.  Permission will not be automatic.

The Brazilian Foreign Ministry has detected an increase in fraudulent requests for visas based on marriage,  and has instructed the Embassy to investigate each one rigorously.  At the very least, both parties will need to provide extensive documentation of citizenship and marital status, and be interviewed in person and in detail about their relationship and plans.  Their ability to communicate with each other will be questioned and noted.  If the Consular official suspects fraud, the request will be rejected and the Brazilian party will face possible criminal charges.

If your plans are legitimate you have nothing to fear, but your girlfriend should contact the Embassy in advance to know exactly what will be required,  and how long she should plan to be in India to complete the process.