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I'm new to Bahrain. My wife is just passed BDS and doing her internship now. I'm planning to bring her here after internship. May I know the procedures to start practice for a dentist here.
Is there any exam or license required to work in bahrain? if so from where we get its syllabus and mode of examination?

Hi aneesvk5

Welcome to Bahrain.

Your wife will have to be licensed in Bahrain by the National Health Regulatory Authority (NHRA) in order to practice here. Procedure can be found here:

If she plans to work for an existing dental practice or hospital then the usual employment procedures also need to be followed.

If she wishes to set up her own practice, then she will need to get a Commercial Registration, set up the place and have the practice also duly approved by the NHRA.

Trust the above is helpful. Please let us know how you fare so that we can benefit from your experience.

i campleted BDS, now i am interndoctor in bangadesh.can i appear in liscence exm of dentistry?what is the procedure?is it possible to appear in exm in online?

try contacting NHRA and they should be able to guide you.

good luck!


I contacted NHRA recently but they were unable to guide me properly.
Do anybody know one who got license recently?

No, i don't know anyone, but i am sure if anyone else on the forum has more info they would reply back

good luck


Hi..i have cleared nhra exam in may 2016 but due to certain circumstances i was not able to join for job. Is there anywhere i can job as a trainee or as a fresher. I dont mind even if they dont pay me for few months. I really need help !

If there is a vacancy you can try applying.


Hi there,
May I know more details regarding the licensure exam? How did you apply for it and how many years of experience needed to apply for license exam? … ionals.pdf

U need minimum of 5 years of experience post internship to apply for license....after 5 years of experience, u may have to give licensure exam as well....

Hi Neethu... I think the rules have now changed... it needs 2 years experience after internship... i read like that online in … dentists-5

It gives description of exam pattern, pass score etc.

then you go to NHRA website to fill an application form... and submit online... then u have to verify documents/ceritfciates through data flow...

All application process in also given on that site... refer that..

I have got my licence done few months back after a long wait of almost a year for the only reason I was short of 2 months to complete 5 years of experience...Nhra website mentions that requirement in a tabular column given in one of their downloads..
U may have to go through it again and again to get a clear picture of what they need...
Anyway, give it a try and lets hope for the best

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