Accommodation for family

Hi All,

I am an Indonesian, currently doing my PhD at UGent, with scholarship from the university. I have a family (a wife and two children: 1 and 4 years old) back home, and I plan to bring them here by applying for the family reunion visa. One of the conditions to apply the visa is to have a "sufficient accommodation", but I am not so sure what it means.
Is a flat/apartment with living room, bathroom, kitchen and 1 bedroom sufficient? Or does it have to have 2 bedrooms? Does anybody have any experience on this?

Also, I have been looking for family apartment and house to rent using housing agencies and using websites such as and I have applied to several of them, but I keep getting rejected (and often also getting no replies), even though I clearly showed them that I have a good income from my scholarship (>2000 eur/m) to sustain the rent. It seems that they are biased against renting to students, or maybe they prefer to rent it to locals who probably have better work contracts. Does anybody have advises to share on this?

Thank you!

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