Interest to move and work in Mauritius..

Excuse me everyone,

I am Arun from India, working as SEO Team Leader in Software Pvt Ltd..

I had 7.6 years of experience in SEO field..

My work is to promote any category of websites like e- commerce portals, online shopping websites, travel, hotels, bar and restaurants, couriers, buses and many more ...

Looking for job in Mauritius....

Mauritius is nice place to live and work..

I had tried to all job portals - etc.. but no reply from any one..

If any one can help me - i ll be very happy..

Waiting for positive reply..



Hello arun2448,

Please do check out the numerous job proposals in our section IT, Telecommunication Jobs in Mauritius. You might stumble upon a vacancy that suits you.

Best luck


Thanks for your reply sir..

I had posted in

If you don't mind - can you suggest or advice any suggestions please - to work in MAURITIUS..

Waiting for positive reply..




You can email me your CV on vayid.wimacon[at] as from time to time such vacancies become available.

Best of luck



Excuse me sir,

I had tried to send my C.V to your mail..

Its showing failure mail ...  can you check it once - your mail id sir ?

Waiting for positive reply..



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