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Hello, I'm from India and how do I start looking for a job in Fiji, where do I apply for jobs, is there specific site or anything as such? Could you please help me in this matter ?

Hi and hello everybody , I am Indian. I studied diploma in hospitality management in Malaysia and hotel management in china.And also completed BBA in India. And having a lot of training experiences in India, Malaysia and China. Now i am searching job in foreign. In which country I can apply for working visa to get high salary?. Is Fiji is possible to apply ? Please give suggestions to me.

I am a indian and work any types of any job in fiji....plz help me to get a job and a work permit

For those seeking employment in Fiji.

Simply asking here on the forum and sitting back waiting is not the way to find employment.
Be proactive, do some online research for work. Go onto the Fiji Govt website and check out visa / permit requirements.
Find companies and contact them for possible work.

I am living in Mumbai India and want to come and work in Fiji .can you help me regarding work permit?


Post your CV in the jobs section top of this page.

You need to be proactive. Read other posts here, go online and contact companies for possible employment.
To get a work permit you need a job offer and your employer is responsible in getting the work permit.
You cannot just get a work permit and then come over and look for a job.

Thanking you for the info.

Hi This is Karthik... i am from South India looking for a job in Fiji... any sort of job is fine... may you please help me...
Thank you

Help yourself by going online and checking for work. It is very difficult to find jobs in Fiji for expats.

Hi..are you still living in Fiji..can you help secure a decent job?

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