Importing a dog to Cambodia

I am moving from Indonesia to Cambodia and would really appreciate some information regarding importing my pet dog to Cambodia.

Anybody with any first hand knowledge?

I have a company at this end taking care of local paperwork but I am unsure of what to expect upon arrival.


Ask a courier or mover do it for you. Or tell your airline , you have a pet.

I am using an agent and the dog is flying with us, but I would like to know if I can expect any hassle from customs upon arrival in PP?


There will be nothing that $20 dollars won't solve. The fee is around that and they often don't even charge that. Just have the vac records if someone wants them but be prepared to be ignored. I knew someone who brought a fog in and wanted to do it the right way and couldn't get anyone to deal with her so she eventually just left. No problem. I am here and I brought dogs with no issues.

Thanks for the info- much appreciated!!


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Hi, To import a dog, your pet dog will need the health cert and also the Rabies jab prior to importation. Since you are using the service of the Local Agent to handle this, they should be able to advice you accordingly.
For the Cambodia authorities, as long as you have alll the paperworks in order, there should not be any problem but you will need to Customs clear your pet dog at the Cargo terminal instead of the Passenger's terminal due your pet will be off-loaded and transport to the Cargo terminal directly. Your pet can travel on the same flight with you but will not be on the passenger cabin, instead be loaded onto the cargo-hold. Trust this helps.

i am flying out from Cape Town, likely via Amsterdam, taking my two daschunds with me, they are both vaccinated and have paperwork from my local vet. is there any other documentation that i would need to have on hand when arriving in PP, then i suppose i need to get to snooky via bus, i am assuming that they would be able to be taken onboard a bus?

Do you still need advice. I have a form or two you can download via email.

I also have websites bookmarked that tell you if you can ship a dog from Indo to Cambo. Don't book your  flight until permission is granted.

Email: xxx

You DO have to jump thru a few hoops... I'm working on getting my dog to Cambodia,as well!


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Sounds like you have everything in order - you do not need any special documents.

We took ours as excess baggage and bought the ticket when we checked in (paid USD16 p/kg). We had absolutely no trouble on arrival with our dog in Phnom Penh (flying from Jakarta). They did not scan his chip or check his paperwork - some guy asked if the dog was mine - and that was that.

The bus can be a nightmare without 2 dogs!!  Personally I've always hired a taxi!!

Best of luck with the move.

When I picked up our cat at the PP airport after the flight she was just going around the luggage belt in her cage and nobody said a thing.

Hope you're still about and if so, could you email me the forms or link.
Many thanks.

What country are you coming from and do you have a route?  What you need depends on where you are coming from.

What's up with all these people wanting to bring a dog to Cambodia?
Is it just me? I don't get it.

If you don't get it don't  do it. And you know, worry about things you DO want to do instead of things OTHER people want to do.

If you don't get it don't  do it. And you know, worry about your own life .

I'm very happy that I was able to take my dog to Cambodia (with zero hassle). The alternative would have been to leave him in Indonesia.

We are coming from the Philippines. We have all the paperwork in order... We think?

You obviously don't have, or have ever had a dog, otherwise you wouldn't be asking the question.

You shouldn't have a problem from the Philippines  and will just need the Vacs  and international  health certificate.  They usually don't even ask for anything else in PP but if someone is feeling light in the pocket they may ask for an import certificate which you can conveniently purchase  right there. If you are feeling righteous you may be able to get out of it but I would just pay the $20 or so.

Good luck. I have taken 2 dogs to and from the US.and known other people to do so without issue.  The main danger in transporting a the crate separating so take care of that and you should be fine.

I love dogs as well as other animals and I've had dogs as pets. That's not an issue with me. When I see dogs living better than poor children it just bothers me even more. I'll keep out of this conversation in the future.

Once again, if it bothers you don't do it. But keep in mind while you are judging people for THIS I will promise you there is something YOU are doing that other people are judging.

Hi, im curently want move from indonesia jakarta to cambodia. can you please give me the company help you import the dog to cambodia for me? :)


You should first find an airline that is willing to transport your dog, not all airlines do that.

Then, as your dog will travel as baggage you have to book his travel on forehand, of course together with your own flight at the same plane.

Above this, in the answers, you can find answers re vaccinations and health certificates.

There should be no problem to get your dog into Cambodia if your papers are ok.

Good luck.

Cambodia expert team

Unfortunately, the company we used no longer do this due to the restrictions on dog breeds. The company is called Jade Cargo in Manila but also in general Santos and Cebu.
There is a company in sihanoukville called K9 that also did it but I've no idea if they're still around.
Malaysia Airlines will ship too but you have to prepare all paperwork which isn't that bad. Cost is around $100 a dog.

thx so much, i'll bring my dog as soon as posible

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