ban in dubai because of having lung scar

Hi Missvina and Kayegab,

Currently no update regarding my request from MOH. I'm still waiting  :(
As for the requirements, attested marriage contract, your visa copy, passport copies of husband and wife, cancellation paper of your husband.

Thank you so much for the response faithalways. I am praying for a positive response from the MOH. I hope that your battle to lift the ban will be a win, as I understand how tough it is to deal will all of it.

Has anyone tried to ask immigration whether the current amnesty program cover those individuals with permanent ban due to lung scar?

Hi faithalways,

I asked the immigration regarding the amnesty program for permanent ban due to UNFIT medical they said it’s not included. It’s different case, I don’t know why. Why are they banning expats with UNFIT medical? We are not even criminicals, but we don’t have a choice because it’s UAE Law. Hopefully time will come that they will change the law with this one.

God bless us always! 😊

Thank you for that information.

It is very disappointing but I know God has greater plans for us.

I was deported too and planning to go back.
Did you go back to uae already?

Hello Ms. Faith,

Do you have any news? We’re on the same situation and my husband is also trying to lift the ban. He called GDRFA and was advised to go to Al Awir, but they weren’t helpful.

How did you passed the requirements in Mirdiff MOH? Did you go to a specific department?

Hi All,

After almost 4 months, I finally received the letter from DHA (which must be submitted to Immigration) for ban lifting.

Pending that letter, we prayed hard for His guidance and wisdom to make decisions that will help us in our situation. That’s when we thought of Singapore as plan B and decided to openly embrace whichever comes first between A and B.

My husband secured a job in Singapore and he is certified fit to work by local physician considering his medical history (lung scar due to cured & old TB). Moreover I also got an offer in Singapore.

We received these blessings prior to that letter and that’s why I will no longer proceed with plan A. It turns out that plan B is really for us.

God bless everyone!

That’s good to know. 😊 Glad things worked out in the end for you and your husband. God bless you, too.

Just want to know the procedure that was done by your company for this deportation procedure how many days does it takes to process all the necessary cancellation.. actually its my friends case. He was screened with a scar in his lungs but he has no record of this such in our home country and now he was informed that he will be deported by there is no exact date when... Also guys is my friend is entitled for the 2-3 months salary as per stated by law.. he only received hus one month salary.. and now he is waiting for the cancellation and the police report as per their pro. Is this procedure i really that long ?hope that someone could give some inputs..thanks a lot

what happens after you are declared unfit due to tb scars. i kmow that you have to go to muhaisnah for eye scanning. but in my friend's case she is already overstaying since aug9 because the company didnt take the results last aug5. they waited and 1 week ago, they just got the results. if she goes to muhaisnah for eye scan without air ticket will they hold her there because tasheel said she needs to leave immediately and she is already overstaying or will they give her days to go back home and pack and book a flight?

thanks in advance

That can't be predicted.  Sometimes they hold and sometimes they give a few days.  Every case is different.

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