30 Days stay

Hi friends,

I am staying in saudi on vist visa since sept 2013, and i have a question about the multiple entry visa, as i always make an exit/entry within 30 days, but i need to know that can i exit saudi on the 30th day ?? as i have been told that one should exit a day before that is 29th day because in saudi the day starts in the evening ( at sunset according to muslim calender )...

I didn't understood that and i have to always loose a days or 2 everytime i make an exit/entry..

please let me know if anyone has a any information on the same.

Thanks :)

The fine and repercussions are best avoided. I always go at 28 days, because if there is a travel problem, you will be caught out. It is easy to get to Bahrain by VIP bus, SR196 return, 4 1/2 - 4 3/4 hours to Khobar. There is a connecting bus to Manama (SABTCO) SR100 return. Leave 09.00 Saturday morning, you can be back in Riyadh by about 01.00 Sunday morning. Pay a little more and get a taxi to the immigration post on the causeway. You need only to go in, then come back without proceeding to Manama. Yes it takes a day, but you can relax on the bus, and admire the interesting scenery.

Give yourself a buffer as sometimes authorities at causeway will not let you let you exit from causeway. More relevant in case of Indians and Pakistan. In case of a cock up save yourself a hefty fine and hassle.

Actually i go to India everytime for exit/entry, and stay there for a week. My problem is that i get paid for each day, so if i exit on 28th day i loose 2 days pay...!
But its better to be on the safer side i think...!

Thanks :)

Hello Arvind,
First of all, you can go on your 30th but as Mr. Rogint said it is safe as if you had any unexpected situation.
you can get a vist visa with multiple entried called in arabic ( safrat motadeda) not just only one (safra waheda)  and you can go any place out side KSA and you can come back with the same visa any time  again and again as long as visa is valid.

you can go to Bahrain ( the easiest way ) and come back again you can arrang with any taxi in the eastern area ex. Hasa, Khobar or Dammam with about 150 SR just to go to bahrain and come back again in the same taxi ( round trip )
may be just 1 hour and you get another 30 Day.

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