Looking for appartment

Hello There,

I need an appartment in Madinaty, unfurnished for a minimum of one year lease (surely more).

Important consideration : the appartment must be located near a mosque (5 minutes walk maximum!) and the Arabesque shopping mall.

So we're looking at the B1 area in Madinaty (Group 13 and 14 seems "partially" at a  walking distance of the Mosque)

I would like to get the key of the appartment the first week of August 2014.

We're looking for an appartment, ground floor with garden,
3 bedrooms min, 2 bathrooms min, 100m2 min.

Budget : 2000L LE / Month

Do you know if I could easily find such a place?

I visited Madinaty last year it's a quite and peaceful place,
I'm moving there with my family in August 2014

Hi Demrek1971,

A new thread has been created on the Cairo forum as you  were off topic on the previous one.
Our suggestion would be posting an advert in the Cairo housing section.

Expat.com Team

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