English speaking people in Vienna

My name is Jo,
I'm not completely new to Vienna, having lived here for a few months by now and having made a few from friends from around Europe while here, but I would love to meet some people that are English-speaking as well, just to hang out or chat or whatever. As a South African, I'm a native English speaker myself.

If you fancy it, let me know.


Hey there I´m looking for some english speakers too from all around the globe :) I love meeting new friends especially when their origin is different from mine. I´m new in vienna too. Do you like it here ?

Hey, I am also in the same situation. I heard there is an international meeting tonight at Wombats. It's a bit far from the ring but there is a nice atmosphere. Please give me your answer here: - beta.spotuse.com/qspot/browser/spot/participate/c263cf9d-e193-11e3-96fc-c76a21589cf2?answer=1

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