ABA therapist for my son with mild autism

Dr Ala,

I hava a child with mild autism and speech delay  ,his age is 5.5 year.

pls share ur no.

My no. is ***

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I am father of 4 1/2 year old son, living in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. My Son has mild autism and speech delay syndrome. We need for ABA and Occupational therapist for my son  treatement.  Kindly provide us contact details. Thanks.

check FB group hope-- for exceptional needs - , they will be able to assist you further

Can any one help me regarding my son 4/11 motnhs old, difficulty in speaking and eye contact.

Dear did you ABA? can you share with me?

Plz start with occupational therapy and speech therapy as soon as possible

I am an ABA therapist available to work Sun-Thurs 8:00am -12:30pm each day.
I have been an ABA therapist for over 10 years and have worked with children aged 4-18.
I have experience with mand training, play skills, social skills, toilet training, working on both Speech and Occupational recommendations.
I am based in Riyadh.

Can you please provide ur contact details

Hi shellhagan,
Can you please provide ur contact details


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My boss' son is 15 years old, having mild autism. He is currently schooling but not sociable (in fact he does not go well with lady doctors). What could be done with him in order that he could interact more with guys of his age? Does he need further therapy or ABA?


My name is Mohammed Salma. I have a 3 year old son with mild Autism and we are desperately seeking an aba therapist for him.

I live in Riyadh and am reachable at this number

Or on my email ***

Hoping to hear from you soon.

M Salma

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Hii There... ! Why don't you try for IIPS school in Riyadh.. Its for children with special needs and school fees is comparatively very less..

How much ABC center charge for ABA therapy please?

Can anyone please suggest me how to find if your child is having Autism problem.. because i notice some things about my child which are resembling autism symptoms .. but not all.. he z 4+ and a good speaker..  but some things like scared of going alone scared of big sounds .. and also gives inappropriate reasons.. and does not interpret to thungs properly.. i just want to clarify if his symptoms are of autistic or sometging else..
Where can i go for his check..

Hello I am trained behavioral therapist here in Philippines with  7years experienced. If you are looking for a private behavioral therapist just let me know. thanks

Anyone know of ABA in Makkah?



Hi I’m in jeddah region

I can help!

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