ABA therapist for my son with mild autism


My son was so diagnosed with PDD-NOS last year. He is going to speech therapy 3 times a week but I would like him to also do ABA ( Applied behaviour Analysis) therapy as well. Does any one know of someone who does this? Or someone who can work one to one with him and who is trained and experienced working with children with special needs? He will be 4 in August and is not speaking yet.

Sorry I forgot to mention that  we live in Riyadh and we need the therapist/ teacher to do the sessions in English

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Hi .. Am in the same situation as you are .. If u found an Aba therapist in Riyadh .. Plz let me know .. Am in an urgent need .. Thank you

I did find one but she isn't taking any more clients. I also found a place called ABC Diagnostic Centre that does ABA therapy. My friend sends her sone there and is very happy with his progress.


Good Luck

Thank you for your info .. How do u find a private therapists? How long has Ur friend been sending her son becuz I know they are very expensive and give only three sessions per week ..?

I was just lucky as my speech therapist heard about her from one of his new clients and she said she could only accept one more child and lucky for me that was my son. She has an autistic child herself as well as home schooling her daughter so she has a lot on. I tried to get her to take on my friend's son but she just does not have the time. Just post on every single forum you can and ask around as something may come up. As for ABC learning centre, yes they are expensive. I thought they also did 5 days a week but that may have changed. My friend's son does three days as she felt 5 was too much with school and other therapies. They also have a " school" program there but it is VERY expensive. You should contact them to ask for current prices.

Good Luck

Hi there,
I hope you have found a suitable therapist. I am considering an offer in Riyadh soon for a job. however, I tried to do some research I did not find any social groups running for children with autism. My main concern is that my son will loose out socialising and making friends. I have my reservations about moving to Riyadh for this reason, can anyone help with any information in regards to socialising for children with autism. I home school at the moment, however I would like him to experience a good school in Riyadh for children with special needs. Any recommendations are most welcomed.

i want to jump in this conversation as my daughter is also a victim of mild autism, can you guide me how did you coupe up with the speech therapist, as we have language barrier, my daughter only aware of some english language words. it would be great if you can share the fee charges of the therapist.


There is a lady , who has been giving sessions on classes , i dont remember her name but if your wife is one of ladies groups of Riyadh she may know about her .

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I do know a European, qualified ABA therapist with background in Psychology in Riyadh but I know that ABA therapy is 300SAR/hour. You can PM me for details.

Alternatively, you could think about training your own special education teacher? I know some people who have done that.

Hi. I am interested in the European Aba therapist since I also have a 3.5 year old son with autism. How can I get in contact with her?  Thank you

Hi Afraz,

I just PM'ed you. Best of luck.


I am a ABA trained therapist working in the USA, with Autism Spectrum children.  It's always good to start working with the child at an early age.  Let me know what kind of help you are looking for. 



Are you still looking for an ABA therapist?

I am currently working in Riyadh.

Feel free to contact me on xxx

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hi I am an ABA therapist living in Riyadh feel free to contact me

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Hi Ala
I am looking for an ABA therapist for my 6 year old son who is High functioning autistic. Are you still available?


Yes I am, please whatsapp me on xxx to discussion options.


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Could u find any ABA therapist ?



Hi mothers
Iam available now in Riyadh kindly contact me for sceduall and appointments .


Do u know any ABA and Occupational therapist in jubail.. must b pakistani or indian

No sorry idont know any


Are you still available?

For those who are in Jubail, there is an autism rehab center called ERADAH.

Hello could you please share information about the ABA therapist you mentioned in your post. I am looking for one for my son whose 3.5. Thanks so much!


My name is Ranim Murriky and I just moved to Riyadh Saudi Arabia from United States. I could be able to provide ABA therapy for your son. If you are interested please contact me at ***
I can also email you my CV.


Ranim Murriky

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Dear Ranim!

Ive send you an email.

Kind regards

There is an ABA center in riyadh for more info kindly contact through sms

I am clinical psychologist and rehabilitation practitioner, Dealing with children
Contact- ***

Can I know the name and address of the lady as m looking for a therapist ASAP

M still looking for ABA or behavior therapist for my 6 yr old boy. I appreciate if you get back to me

My son is also 2 year and 3 months old he is social with elders avoid to play with some kids play with kids who is younger than him or 2 3 year elder than him some tym have eye contact some tym not yet he is not speaking jst saying awww oooo mama dada just when he need some tym i called his name he is not responding some tym he is responding i want to evaluate him ...living in riyadh ...plz suggest me any place or therapist to whom u have good experince ...recently he wa diagnosed woth severe iron deficiency ...dr said he is mild aneamic

Hi there,
I may be able to help. What city in Saudi are you in?
You can Whatsapp message me ****
Il be in Riyadh end of November

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Hi m looking for ABA therapist. I would be grateful if you can provide me with her number

Hi m still looking for an ABA therapist. Can you please fwd your contact number as m also from riyadh

I m in riyadh

I am mother of 2 year old son he has limited vocabulary of 4 to 5 words babbles sometimes Dr suggested to consult speech therapist
ABC diagnostic centre is expensive 
Any idea about  good speech therapist with reasonable charges ???

Hi Dr. Sumbleen,

I am father of 3 1/2 year old son, living in Jubail, Saudi Arabia. My Son has mild autism and speech delay syndrome. Are you available in Jubail? We need to meet you concerning son's treatment. Kindly provide us further contact details. Thanks.


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