Unusual L-1 Visa Situation?


I have been working for a US company for the past 5+ years or so.

I live and work in Canada, yet I report to the LA office. The parent company, however, is located in France...

It would make things a lot easier for my job if I was performing it within the USA, and the company has expressed an interest.

I don't have a bachelor's degree, so it looks like my best bet is an L1 Visa. I should be able to fit the specialized knowledge requirement without any trouble.

But even though I'm not in France does anyone know if I could theoretically qualify for an L-1 intra-company transferee visa if the company is interested in moving me to the US?

Thanks for your time!

- Don

The best advice you can get would be from Immigration law firms in the US state where you want to work.  You can go online and search for the ones who offer free or really low rate fee for initial consultation.  Hope this helps.


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