Mechanical engineer / ship

Hello ALL!  :cheers: 
I have been working in Andalusia for the last two years as a Second mechanical engineer for an international shipping company and have been on the sea and also onshore, doing all kind of maintanance works on the ship one can imagine. I am highly interested in technical, mechanical and engineering fields and I have a specialized education in this area of work. I have excellent language skills in Arabic (my mother tongue), French, English and Spanish and I am also improving my German language skills at the moment.

As I would like to return to Spain, also because my girlfriend is still there, I wanted to ask if anyone knows any job oppotunities in Andalusia? I have been living and working in Cádiz for more than two years, as I said, and I would love to return to work there.

If you have any suggestions, please let me know. Thank you!!  :)   :top:

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