Tennis club in Yangon?

Can you please advise Tennis club location and name  in Yangon?

Near saint Paul church

Please could you give a name of a tennis club ?

Hi, I am looking for tennis partner. Is there anyone who would play?
Best wishes!

Hi dragan sovilj,

Welcome on board  :)

This thread being quite old, i suggest you drop an advert in the Myanmar classifieds under the Sport partners section so that you may find somebody.

All the best,

I am looking for tennis club or partner. thks.

Hi , we can play. where can we play ? Thein Byu?


I also looking for tennis partner, normally I play at Thein Byu in week end

Wellcome If u are wanna play together.


Kitcha K.

I dont know where is that court. I play in Univecity and on tennis federation Court. You can reached me on tel. xxx Best wishes!

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Hi All,
Are someone playing tennis in Yangon?
I'm looking for partners.


I would love to play some Tennis. New in Yangon long term and from the netherlands. Somehow would like to play? Thanks!


Hello all!

I’m looking for rally buddies to play on the weekends. I’m NTRP 3.0 but pretty rusty right now. PM me!


I could give you a game.

I’ve been in Yangon for 6 months and been missing tennis.  I’ve just discovered the Myanmar tennis centre by the lake.

I’m a middle aged, intermediate player.

Do you know any other players who might be interested in doubles too?


Hey Nigel, would you be up for a rally this sun?


Yes I could play this Sunday.  Ideally as early as possible before it gets too hot!

I’m not far away from Myanmar tennis federation- see Myanmar Tennis Federation
Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)

Could that work for you?

Ok I haven’t been there! Do we have to book / pay? How’s 830am? I will pm you my local number

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