Dear All,

I would like to invite you all to BOWLING GET TOGETHER on 01.07.2014,

Kindly message me for time & venue.

SR. 100/- per person for 3 Games

Both families, gentleman & ladies are welcome.

Hmm.seems interesting  :happy: i wonder how many people wanna join,i remember last time ,i guess it was almost full

Seems legit,  ;) but honestly bowling is not my thing :gloria  , swimming might be cool :cool:  .. hope you guys have some fun .. enjoy it :joking:

please send me the date and time and if i have to rsvp or not?

I would like to bring myself and a guest if that is allowed.

best regards,

Can you also provide the location of the rc hotel?

Can my wife come and bowl too? I feel selfish going alone considering we always went for bowling when i was in colorado

@Imran - Sure you can bring your wife along. She is more than welcome to come and play.

Thanks for the invitation.  I will my best to be there.

wow i didnt know women were allowed to bowl with men here. have you been to this place? does it really allow couples?

It is a family place.

But, i'm Bachelor so could i attend or not?  :o

You can come Sujath.

Thanks for the invitation.  I will my best to be there.

Dear Habib Baghdadi,
Kindly send me your cell no so that I can contact you to join this bowling event

nice offer, may be i will come with my friends


Sure count me in. I would like to bring a guest if it is allowed.

Can I have the timing details please?




The Ritz Carlton Riyadh is located opposite to Diplomatic Quarters

TIME? I would think you could have posted this on the original post and saved a lot of people wondering about the time?

Yes it is opposite to DQ. And the time is from 5:30 pm.

Oh! I wish I can come, this looks fun, im off for the weekend. enjoy it.

Hope to meet all those who are attending the Bowling today.

Hi anywhere you know have a ticket or an invitation for any event at the embassies?

Dear All,

I would like to thank you all for attending the Bowling Get Together last friday. Hope to see you guys again coming friday.

Kindest Regards,

Habib Baghdadi

I'm new in Riyadh and want to join next time. I start to feel boredom and don't know anyone.
any clue about How to spend time here ? any entertainment ? Excpet Gym and swimming which I do every day..
Many thanks ahead

habibbaghdadi wrote:

Dear All,

I would like to thank you all for attending the Bowling Get Together last friday. Hope to see you guys again coming friday.

Kindest Regards,

Habib Baghdadi

Do you plan to play booling next Friday ?

Oh,you just missed one two days ago,i think it depends on organiser ,which date is suitable,even i couldn't attend   :( ,i hope of attending the next one,


Yes I am planning to go bowling coming Friday. Message me for time and location.

Kindest Regards,

Habib Baghdadi


I think this is the location … =!3m1!4b1!

Come along to the bowling, meet other people, and find out their other pursuits. If you don't want to do it again, you will have made new friends, and found other leisure opportunities.

Dear Habib,
I realy thank you very much for your kind effort
I hope I will be able to attend this week event
I also wish much many people to come. Also I hope ladies would be able to join and enjoy  ;)
Dr. Hazem

@Hazem - Its been a while you didn't come to the Bowling. Looking forward to see you this week.

Hello Guys,

Unfortunatelly I can't join this time as I'm travelling. Will do the next one.
Enjoy and have fun !

Wear Habeeb,
Please inform me about today activity details as soon as you can , I hope I wI'll have the chance to meet you and others
Dr. Hazem


Habib, I'd like to come and just watch. It doesn't matter, Ill pay to watch for now... My best friend will be gone and it will keep me from mopping around and crying.

No payment for watching, we welcome all lonely folk and lost persons. Should start around 18.00, but don't worry if you can't get there until later.

Hello everybody,
Again I would like to thank you Habib for helping us to have such a wonderful evening, I really enjoyed my time with such  (allow me to say)  nice friends who I love to meet again and have fun with them, I hope everyone else has enjoyed the event too.

thanks, I went there  and stayed for an hour. Not a friendly crowd, but I got to meet Caroline and she gave me some other ideas to ease my boredom and loneliness. So, it was productive.

@ Sevo - Thank you for coming and I am glad that you had a good time.

@ iluvicu - Everybody who came to the bowling event came with the intention of Bowling. So if you don't bowl with everyone then you will feel left out and then you will think that it is not a friendly crowd. You have to go with the flow. you were the only one sitting and not bowling.

Next week when you come try to bowl with us and then you can see the fun. Still if you dont know how to bowl it is cool just go for it some point of time you have to start.

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