I've been offered a job in Sardinia. Has anybody lived there and can tell me what life is like as an expat in Sardinia please?

Hi Yvonne not sure where you have been offered a job but my wife Di and I have been coming to sardinia (Alghero) for 11 years and have lived here for the past 5 we love it!! I do a lot of blogs sardypaul and from that you will get a good indication of life here. Have a read and if there is anything specific you want to know feel free to ask.
Paul and Di

Thanks Paul. Will try and find your blog.

Yvonne :)

Hi Yvonne just type sardypaul into google and you will find a lot of them.
speak soon

hi paul are you still in sardinia? regards david

Don't know about him, but I am here =)

greetings Lomek ,i do not know paul its just that i was looking for somwhere to park my car when i visit sardinia it will be left here when we return back to the uk it will need to be stored/parked near the airport,we will be coming over often,the airport etc charge quite a bit,i would be willing to pay of course if you or any one else can be of help that would be great.regards david/canaglia

Check PM David, maybe we can figure something out

I just spent two weeks in Sardinia and thought it was a lovely place to both spend time in and potentially live. For life on Sardinia it really depends where you will be located on the island, but probably one of the larger cities for the job. Overall the pace was very agreeable and laid back feeling (if this is for you), maybe a bit more than other parts of Italy. Summer is of course very busy, but I can image that the shoulder months and winter are great for exploring the island and getting away from the crowds.

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