Call center jobs in KL for Filipinos

In Malaysia most job adverts say that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted which leaves people up in the air. … jetPremium

Hi! Thank you. I already applied for them but they still require me for a f2f interview. :(

Suggest to make other applications.  Eventually, if you do get a job offer, you are going to have to pay to travel to Malaysia. … hu-Yi-Wong

Hello Gravitas!

Id like to ask if this job is still open and looking for Filipinos?
Thanks in advance.

I don't know as I just posted the link. Suggest you follow this recruiter on Monster

I see. I was also planning to have a job hunt there by March but I only carry a Philippine passport. Anyone know where I can stay for the lowest rates?

Gravitas :

They don't seem to advertise jobs very often for call centre positions on Jobstreet, but are still recruiting … p;hlWords=

This vacancy actually says ** PREFERABLY FILIPINOS**

Thank you so much for your very quick response. I hope to have a job offer soon.

Position: Content Review Associate AND Customer Service Representatives
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Arabic (Native)
Japanese (Native and Non-Native)

Interested candidates can send me an email with your resumes.

Email: Ricardo.Gonzago[at]
WhatsApp: +60 17 523 6860

Are they also hiring Filipinos base outside Malaysia?

Those jobs are stated to be in KL. They would advertise in the Philippines for local staff I think.

You may find some job leads through this:

If you click on the hirers name it lists what jobs they are recruiting.

I see. I'm planning to go there in March to try and look for job. Can you recommend a place where I can stay for at least one week except for Air bnb.

Try homestay

lmcdarjuan :

I see. I'm planning to go there in March to try and look for job. Can you recommend a place where I can stay for at least one week except for Air bnb.

Thats an incredibly stupid thing to do.

1. You cant be issued with a work permit while in Malaysia so would have to leave again even if you get a job
2. Local hire expats often get offered half the going rate . Worse if hired illegally (low pay plus possible jail time or more likely lose all your money when arrested)
3. If you cant get a job while abroad you wont get one in person. Makes no difference to a newbie.

Btw only option a hotel

Save your money. Stay at home. Apply properly for jobs

Always read forum threads - … p;hlWords=

This thread is very helpful and t he links to possible jobs are greatly appreciated. This will be my 2nd trip to Malaysia (I went December '16 for 4 months) and I have been searching forever to get work. American, 10+ years sales/cust service background but exp in many other industries as well.  I am new to the site and have found everyone to be friendly and helpful and will continue to monitor the thread and hope everyone has good luck!

Hi ... are your working in malaysia .. can u provide your personal email, I got some question about foreigner job to get better idea if u available mean .. have a nice day ☺️

I am actually currently looking. I am still in USA for 3 more months trying to sort all of this out.

As an American, it is probably unrealistic to expect to find a call centre job which requires long experience, as supervisor and senior jobs will always go to local Malaysians. If you have languages other than English, concentrate of jobs requiring those. The rule of thumb is immigration will not grant a work permit if the job can be done by a Malaysian. One exception might be if you have experience in student enrolment

S.Haider :


Malaysia is not for poor immigrant, no more, Malaysian government has all the rights to protect its own labor market. My experience being in Malaysia for almost 6 years, with Master degree from UK, and experience of almost 10+ years, pl note
1) you must be very high skilled labor particularly in the field of Information Technology or Engineering may have chances to be hired by local firms, but must be from top university of the world ( why top university graduate will work in Malaysia ?)


2) They need low grade labor for odd jobs, including Call Center ,for this kind of job they even provide you a room/ a bed / to stay at night / day , and keep working for them, with very low salary,,,,,

Welcome to Malaysia---- :thanks:  :dumbom:


Ohhh I thought it would be the same like in UAE that mostly people that coming here are Tourist then search for Job.

iamcharmestember :

Is it still difficult to find a job if I am legally married to my Malaysian boyfriend?

He's your husband I guess now because you are married to him already. hehe

Hi im interested in job. Im a filipino

Hi, maybe you can try lazada nalaysia for call center work. They hire filipinos staff .Good luck!

Hi Kelly,do you have a gmail so I can send you my resume,I am interested yo apoly as a call center agent.Passport holder.

Sorry typo error,I am interested to apply as a call center agent.

Can any body help me get a job in kuala lumpur as a customer service rep?.

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