buying motocycle/scooter in asia for a few months


I am thinking about buying a cheap motocycle for using it about 3 months. I am curious about some details like driver license, insurrance, immatriculation, resell, and possibilities for changing countries; vietnam, thailand, indonesia. Please, if you have advice, it will be appreciated!


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Maybe you should make your question more specific.
What do you want to know exactly?

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I learn that it is not simple buying a moto in cambodia and going to thailand or vietnam... According to people in Cambodia it is fairly impossible, or administratively complicated because of the plates, immatriculation, etc...

I will try to ask a more precise question this time ;)

I am going to Thailand-Malaysia-Indonesia for probably 2-3 months. I would like to :
- Rent a motocycle for a long term (1-2months), and if possible rent at point A and leave it at point B. I heard it is something possible in Vietnam, but really not sure otherwise.
-Buying a motocycle for going around these countries, and selling it in probably 3 months. Not sure it is a good $$ idea, but I really enjoy travelling in motocycle unil now (I rent for 2-3 days max 6$/day in Cambodia), the freedom, and possibilities to go outside tourist area way esier that taking a tourist tour for going outsde tourist area - no sens right ;)

How it works with the driver licence, immatriculation per country and insurrance in case of accident?

I am also open to any creative idea!

Thank you

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