Would like to meet new friends

Hello all,

I just wanted to introduce myself and connect with fellow expats. I am only a temporary expat living in Brussels on a study abroad for my doctorate in physical therapy. I am traveling around as much as possible when I am not in the clinic and trying to experience as much of Brussels, Belgium, and Europe as a whole. I would love to chat with anyone and maybe meet for a cafe or a drink while I am in town.


Hi, Jesse.

I'm Rebeca from Brazil. I'll travel around europe during my vacation next month and that include 1 week in Brussels.
Until when will you stay in Brussels?


I am in Brussels until June 2nd, will you be traveling to Brussels before then? If not it is fine I would still enjoy networking with you! I hope to hear back from you soon!


Hi, Jesse.
Unfortunately I won't there, just the end of june. :(
But let's keep in touch!

Do you have skype profile?

I'm moving too Brussel next week so if anyone is motivated to have a beer , I would be happy to know new fellows.


Hi ;)
My name is Magda I came to Brussels week ago . I have not any friends and I wants meet somebody but my english isn't good. I am looking for person who want's chat with me ;) Do you wants?


It could be nice to meet people there in Brussel :)
I'll be in vacation next week but I'll be back on monday the 18th of August.

We could try to meet in the beginning of the evening if you want as I work.
Would it be ok for you ?

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