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Hi Rachnbar,

I am from Dorset in the UK and I am Au Pairing for a family with 3 young boys, 5, 4 and 11 months - and although the family's first language is French both Parents speak very good English and the 2 eldest boys are at a Bi-Lingual school so their English is incredibly good. I am here to help with their English and I know their mum is incredibly keen for the boys to speak the best English they can.

Please let me know when you are coming over as I am certain the boys Mum would love the boys to make friends with children of similar ages who speak English! Maybe they can help each other! :)

BaliRoom- I only arrived last week and now the previous Au Pair has left I am planning on coming along to the English Language group next week! :)

Hello au pair

We are moving to Guadeloupe on 12 August and will be starting out in Saint Francois while we find our feet. I'm sure my girls would like to meet up with any children who can speak or understand English, so I'll get in touch with you once we're there.
Do your family's kids go to the bilingual school in Bai Mahault? What's the school like? We're wondering whether this would be a good place to send the girls, although we would like them to learn French.

Hi BaliRoom

Thanks for info about English language groups, always useful to meet up with people who have been through similar moving experiences. See you there in August!

Hi Rachnbar,

We live in Les Abymes so it is not too far away from Saint François.

The boys go to the L.I.S.E Academy, which I think in Baih Mahault, but I'm not entirely sure, I just know how to get there at the moment! The school is structured well and they do Monday and Thursday in English, and Tuesday and Friday in French with Wednesday as more of a relaxed play day. I don't think your children would have any trouble learning French while here as simply being around it e

Hi Josiemowatt,

In order to help you to communicate easily with the other members, i created a new thread with your posts on the Guadeloupe forum.

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Hi everyone,
We are looking into moving to Guadeloupe in September, my partner ( Canadian anglophone with basic French), me ( French ) and our baby daughter. We are wondering how hard it is to find work for an educated 30y/o who speaks very little French? Is it possible to get a contract before moving for immigration purposes?
Does anyone have any tips, any company to look into? We are "moving " to Basse -Terre!
Also if you could tell us a bit about life there and its cost it'd be very much so appreciated!
Thank you all so much!

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