I will be relocating to Saudi within the next month or two. I have a African Grey Parrot as a pet and want to know if I will be allowed to take him to Saudi with me? I am aware of all the paper work that needs to be done but want to make sure he will be allowed into the couuntry

Hi Nicka . I also have an african grey , who is a well travelled bird . Its not too bad , lots of paperwork but get in touch with MAFF and also your vet , who wil have details for your chosen country . I used to take my Cockatoo to UAE from UK . he also went to saudi, on a regular basis , but i did that on an entertainers license . Good Luck . X

Thanks so much. Yip, I am already having difficulty getting the paper work sorted, just can't seem to get anyone to do anything. Waiting for a import permit so Saudi before I can get the rest done my side, but it's taking for ever  !!! Thanks again

I know this is an old post but were you able to get the paperwork sorted? Where in Saudi are you?

It's not easy here in Saudi.

But, in official they need health certificate as passport to get in Saudi, the certificate from ministry of agriculture in your country as origin.

If you are usa or euro nationality, it will help

I have ask the Saudi costume 1000 times and never get fully Info.
So, I got to zigzag way to inter my birds through Bahrain.

I stop import birds since 2007, but still I know how can help you to import from Bahrain.

سلام ،كيفك . I would like to ask from you about parrots since you are knowledgeable about it .. I got 2 galahs I wanted to get CITES for them pls show me the way..I can't leave them here they are member of my family ...pls help

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