I leased KIA Sorento

I leased KIA Sorento in your bank since December 2011 and in found last December 2013 due for unexpected delaying of my monthly payment for 3 Months . On the same day ANB Staff took my car, my office mate has contributed & pay the said amount, then I quickly communicated the ANB Jeddah branch at Haramain Road to return back my Car & they advised me to provide the requirements papers, pay one month advance payment & 1,500 SR for Penalty Payment. When I recieved my Eqama & withraw my 6 months salary  in my NCB account which was the cause of delayed of my payment I submitted all the requirements and pay another 3 months from January to March & the penalty 1,500 SR then they told me to wait for one week. After one week, I was informed that my car has already sold. I made complain 2 times in ANB online contact numbers until now there is no good answer.
Is anybody can help me to get my right either I can refund the 3 Months I payed which I did not use my car & the penalty 1,500 SR. 
May Almighty ALLAH guide us to the straight path.
Thanks & wassalam.

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