School Transfer Certificate Attestation in Saudi Arabia


I will be moving from KSA to Dubai. Currently I am in Riyadh. My daughter is in Indian School.

I need my daughter's Transfer Certificate attested by Ministry of Education Saudi Arabai.

Could someone tell me what is the procedure or advise some agents contact no who can do it


I am yet to understand that Transfer certificate issued by International Indian School, Riyadh, Dammam etc is to be attested by any authorities. Because my children studied up to X (son) and daughter completed XII. They took the TC and got admission in higher studies for XI and Engineering in different Board / University etc. None had asked to attest those documents.

Presently the rule is for the Employee to get their Degree certificate / professional certificate etc is to be got it attested by the NORKA of the state from where you completed the education. On those attestation you will have to get UAE consulate attestion from your country of consulate either in Mumbai / Delhi. This can be done easily by submitting to UAE exchange near to your place. My daughter got in done her IIM Kozhikode (MBA) certificate only few days ago.

Dear Sri

Its not required when ur back to India. But this is of absolute necessary when ur moving to other GCC countries and u need ur children to get admitted in school.


I asked school techer and they do not have any knowledge. As per their knowledge none of our certificate is attested by the Ministr of Education and all are being asked to get the certificate endorsed by saudi Consultate in their respective countries.

You may check with some General service office. That is only I can give you information.

Dear Sashidharan

Yes none of the certificate are attested unless they specific purposes like mine.

You will understand why I am looking for this attestation.

I am willing for get my daughter admitted to one of the school in Dubai.

Here is the link for admission policy for students coming from GCC countries.

And this is same all across the GCC countires


Hello cdriyadh, I am in the same dilemma. Did you finally get to know what attestations are needed for school T.C. Please let me know as I also want to get my child admitted in a Sharjah school and all the websites ask for 4 attestations as you have mentioned. Thank you.

UAE exchange is accepting certificates from potential candidates who have offered jobs in UAE. They will send direct to their ministries for attestation. CBSE certificates are being attested by NORKA Delhi for various purposes for the students who completed their education in a foreign land.(country). So you write to Norka and find out exact details.

Could you please check the link below to know more about certificate attestation.

Hi Sanjay

I talked to Dubai school and they confirmed that only Ministry of Education attestation from Saudi is necessary. You don't need other attestation. However it will be good if you can get such confirmation from school where your son/daughter is getting admitted. I told the school that MOF do not attest after MOE attestation and then school confirmed that MOE attestation is enough.

MOE education you can get it done through the current school I think. Please take their help.


Thank you very much. Your response is highly appreciated.


Could you please let me know the location of Ministry of Education in Riyadh where this attestation will be done? When I search on Google maps, several locations of MOE are being mentioned.


Did you get MOE attestation finally? May I know the procedure?

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