Madam ,
Hello, My name is Angel I am 27 years old and I live in Dakar - Sénégal. I have my Masters Degree in Business Administration - Marketing - Sales -Logistics . I have also a degree in Social work (Educational Communities) and a Licence in Project Management and my driver licence since seven (07) years.

I am fluent both in French and English and I have strong notions in Spanish and arabic.
I work for many companies in the field of Marketing - Communication, Logistics, Human ressources, Sales -Trade and Project Management. (04 years work experience).

I am very interested by canada Immigration . I have four years experience and I am open to many jobs. I want to know if a recruiter can give me a chance ( a job offer) which can allow me to come in canada faster.
Do you have some informations about:
What is the faster way tocome in Canada for the work?
What is province who recruit more immigrants?
Do you know a placement agency who can recruit a international worker?

I know there is many questions but i love this country and I want to live there. Thanks you in advance.


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