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I'm looking around for any kind of job related to Computer Technician or anything that has to do about Logistics meaning laborer or office position since I have previous experience in both of them. I'm not yet in Belgium but I plan to move at the area close to Hasselt if someone can help me out.

Hi xar00lito,

Posting your advert in the Jobs in Brussels section, with details of your skills according to the different kind job you are looking for. This might surely help. :)



You can also start looking at to get some idea for job opportunity. Good luck :)

I'll check it out.. thanks a lot my friend.. ;)

Hi, pls read about work permits as most companies do not sponsor due to involvement of high costs....also French n Dutch fluency is essential for almost all jobs....I would suggest that u luk out for a job while u r there ( you'll get an idea on the job requirement criteria's) and contact some hiring consultants if possible....I m from a banking background so unable to help u! Best wishes and gud luck!

Please send your CV to tony[at]
Thank you.

Tony_link2europe :

Please send your CV to tony[at]
Thank you.

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