How to send money back home the easiest and the cheapest?

I am from the Philippines and working here in Hai Phong for a language center. Just today, I was supposed to send money but when I went to Western Union, the bank said that their transaction is just to receive and referred me to a bigger bank. Unfortunately, the bank was closed because it's Saturday, they have half day only. I have no idea since it's my first time to send (been here for a month).

Is there any other way to send money to another country aside from Western Union?


You can send money from other banks but service charge may be little hard!

I think Western Union is the only choice. Try another Western Union agent next week. It's fast and convenient and they dont charge u much :) Good luck.

Western Union is the only method that you can send and receive cash fast on the same day within hours. Although the service charge fee is expensive to some, but comparing with sending on line via other bank services, the service charge fee is not much of a big difference and that it will take 2-4 days before the money can be received by the recipient. Question now is does Western Union accept Vietnam Dong currency to be sent out to other countries?

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Thank you. I will send USD, ,,,

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From Western Union website

Money sent overseas must be for a legitimate purpose in compliance with the current regulations on remittance of the Central Bank. Those purposes are listed below:

1.    For Vietnamese citizens:
Foreign currency can be sent / transferred outside Vietnam by showing valid
supporting documents only for following purposes:
a.  Expenses for education and health care for himself/herself and their relatives;
b.  Business trips, tours and visits to foreign countries;
c.  Payment of fees and charges abroad;
d.  Money support to relative(s) abroad;
e.  Transfer of money to inheritor;
f.  Immigration.
2.    For non-residents living in Vietnam:
The source of money needs to be verified with either a Customs Declaration Form or Labor contract and other related documents.

There are supporting documents required as well as maximum amount applicable for each purpose. Please refer to Western Union agents' hotlines for further information.

At Western Union, you can send money overseas just in a few minutes3, with no bank account needed. With more than 480,0001 Agent locations across the world, we are probably right around the corner of your relatives.

In Vietnam, selected Western Union locations offer the outbound service. Please find your nearest Western Union location to send money here.

Hi Edith.
Here in HCM, its the same case. There is difficulty sending money out. The only bank accepting remittance is BIDV via Western Union. For less than 500usd hihingan kalang ng passport. beyond that amount hihingan ka ng passport, work permit or job contract as well as payslip with stamp and signature.
Ang gnagawa ng iba e kukuha sila ng visa card nalang at ipapadala sa Pilipinas. un ang gamitin nla dun to withdraw money from any bank. Php200 per withdrawal, Php50 per balance inquiry. Kukuha nga din ako for my son who is in Cagayan De Oro.

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Hi Singlefree,
I saw you had problems with sending money to the PH via Western Union. if you are interested in a new solution for your problem, just visit this thread:
I think this can help you :)
if you have any question, I'm here for you to ask freely :)

Is this forum still active? What are the banks where we can open an account and request for a visa card na pwede ipadala sa pilipinas? And how do we send the card to the Philippines?

Arnidoodles - there will be currency exchange charges each time the card is used outside Vietnam - but its a system which is used to give family members access to money across borders. You just need to shop around for a bank that has low transaction fees or possibly none - but that will mean they don't give such good exchange rates, cos banks always win.....  Rates across two secondary currencies are usually very bad.

Dearest Singlefree,

In my experienced , would be great if you have bank account on banks that has branch in your country. Lets say ANZ nor HSBC.
You will able transfer anytime you want to , 24hrs / a day.

Hope you have a healthy , happy , and safe.
Do not hestitate to text me for other informations you n

Hi Singlefree! im also here in vietnam working in a language center here in Halong city. I'm also new here (living for almost two months). nagpadala ako sa phil ng 300usd lang naman tru BIDV bank and they cost me almost 40USD for the fee. :( feeling lugi ako. I'm just wondering kung paano ang ginawa mo to send money? and what is the best and cheapest way?

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Arnidoodles :

Is this forum still active? What are the banks where we can open an account and request for a visa card na pwede ipadala sa pilipinas? And how do we send the card to the Philippines?

I have the same question. how is this possible to do?  thank youpo

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Hi singlefree have you done other transaction on how to send money from vietnam to Philippines..? If you done can you kindly please teach me how to do because my boyfriend was in Vietnam right now and his traying to send money transfer for me here in Philippines but he don't know what do to...because his bank don't aloud him to send money out from vietnam also he went to western union but they reject his request...can you please reply ASAP thanks

Hi Everyone,

Im interested also to know the easiest and convient way to transfer money from VN to PH.

Is it good to open an ANZ/HSBC savings account in Manila then open ANZ/HSBC savings account in Vietnam?

From their online banking we can transfer money VN Dong - PH Peso?

Any comments?

Easiest and cheapest: carry the money with you when you travel back. No fees, no bank, no declaration if you are taking cash from Vietnam less than $US 5000, which is well under the Philippines declaration limit of $US 10,000.

You didn't say 'fastest' and you didn't say how much, so if you can wait, this is another option!

aJeff :

Hi Everyone,

Im interested also to know the easiest and convient way to transfer money from VN to PH.

Is it good to open an ANZ/HSBC savings account in Manila then open ANZ/HSBC savings account in Vietnam?

From their online banking we can transfer money VN Dong - PH Peso?

Any comments?

asked HSBC in Vietnam about sending money to UK bank account. See my post: … =2#3289756

From what I remember they said, if you open an HSBC account in vietnam (also apply for online banking), and you have an HSBC account in the country where you transfer the money to, then you can just login to Vietnam HSBC online banking and do the transfer. No forms to fill.

thx [at]sanooku, next time I am back in the states I will open an HSBC, then open one in Vietnam, and see if I can link them. The more arteries for funds to flow, the healthier I am.

so, how much shall we pay at western union?

how much is it to send by western union?

There is no other way to transfer your money back to your country legally. I have to talked to my company to bank in my salary in HSBC Vietnam and used the HSBC remittance services to transfer money back to my country. It takes 3-4 working days and of course some charges may applied. And the charges are actually affordable. Of course you need to consider the currency losses. Usually the currency losses is more than the transfer fees.

Vietnam control tightly in every transaction from Vietnam to foreign country. You need to show the prove on where your money comes from before the transaction can be done. The best way is you need to request your employee to bank in your money into international bank and do it online. Where you money come into, from where it should go to oversea to prevent any problem and trouble. I did have an experience of transfer the money from my Vietnamese local bank account to my Vietnamese HSBC bank account. The transfer was terminated by the state bank and my money was locked for 10 days before it actually return to me in my Vietnamese local bank account.

From my experience, money gram nor western union may not be a good way for you to transfer your money back to PH. It is because they only receive the money from oversea to Vietnam (applicable for those oversea Vietnamese workers to remit their money back to Vietnam). It is difficult and you need to prove a lots of document before they allow your money goes to oversea. in year 2016, I need to transfer 500 USD to my gf in USA. I went in Western Union Agent and they need me to prove our relationship before I'm allowed to transfer the money to USA. They only allow husband and wife or family relationship to transfer money out to USA in my case.

My suggestion is if you wanted to transfer your money out legally, look for HSBC or City bank. If illegally, then you should look for the black market services. I believe there are plenty of black market money changer who offer this services.

If paypal operates in Vietnam(VN) and PHillippines (PH), you may be able to transfer from your paypal VN account to paypal PH account. From this post it seems they operate in Vietnam. Don't know about PH.

Paypal say they don't charge fees. However I've noticed a 6% difference in conversion rates. FOr tranferring small amounts it may work out, for larger amounts probably best to go through a bank. e.g. HSBC.

With HSBC you can choose to receive a fixed amount at the receiver end (e.g. receive 1000 GBP at UK bank account) and not worry about intermediary bank fees. For this service, you have to choose the 'pay all fees' option (not 'share the fees' or 'let receiver pay all fees' option). The 'pay all fees' option means you pay 25 USD on top of the
telex fee and HSBC Bank charge of 20 USD.

See my related post: … =2#3289756

WU isn't the problem (as shown when you look at Thailand). Vietnamese agents don't send money abroad at all (info from a local gold shop). Or the staff at the banks demand all kinds of weird "proof" regarding sources and use of funds.

Eternity was created to satisfy these guardians of rules. But hey, it's 100 times  s a f e r  to deny such requests. Who are these fforeigners wanting to send 25,000.000 VND home?!?

WU does take VND although the forex stinks.

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