Traveling to Holland from Latin America

Hey Friends! My name is Lucy, I'm from Uruguay, and despite it is quite a great country, it can be deadly expensive and boring.
So my boyfriend and I are thinking about moving somewhere else. We have a close relative living in the Netherlands but under different conditions than what we could do at the moment. (Mean he moved there having been hired for a job before hand, with accommodation solved and everything) this all comes down to the fact that he is not able to tell us much about starting from scratch.
We are both Uruguayans, which means we are not entitled to get a job permit from the EU. So there are only two possibilities apparently. One is getting a job from here, and the other is to go and see what happens. Do you know any story from people in our condition? We are quite young but we do have job experiences. My boyfriend is a musician and I am free lancer (make up and English Spanish translations), though we don't really pretend to have this kind of jobs.
Anything would be good.
What do  think?
Thank you!!

Hi Lucy,

Welcome on board to this site.

I can not really advise you what to do because both options has his good and bad sides.
What I can say to you is to read first the sticky topic "New to Holland" to give you more insight.

The life in the Netherlands is expensive, the prizes for daily life, insurance and taxes is high.
You can not rent a house without income and finding a job is not easy but not impossible either.

Be prepared is the best start and you can begin while you are still there.
If you have questions you can always ask at this forum.

There are works for translations but if you plan to travel i suggest you to do it when is summer here so jobs opportunities are bigger

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